wisper 905 torque


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Nov 8, 2020
If i were you id speak to your windwave rep and get the low down on them. For a long time they didnt have the best customer attitude and were considered mainly catalog bikes for the masses based 'doon the barras'.
Admittedly i and i see from their website they've expanded a bit and maybe the miserable old f.f.f.f..fella has retired and the son taken over. Not a shop i use or would consider unless i needed an emergency innertube. But i cant give a recommendation either way.

Problem is there are few GOOD bikes shops now in Glasgow.
I'd recommend Gear of Glasgow(Gibson st). One of the best and certainly well known amongst all the proper shops and mechanics.

Plus they have a Bike Fairy ;)

Or West End cycles (now called GWCycles) - but google west end cycles. Not as g0od as gear, but they've been there forever.
Nothing left now on the southside. all the good ones have closed
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