Woosh fatboy


Finding my (electric) wheels
Jun 25, 2019
just taken delivery of a Rio LS Fatboy.17a.
Hatti answered all my questions found her very helpful.
1 well packaged.
2 well packaged. = ( double boxed) lol.
3 all paint work protected by foam and or plastic.
4 very easy to understand instructions.
5 very nice tools in a tool pouch.
6 ALL nuts and screws where they should be with a little thread lock in them to keep them in place.
7 took my time reading everything so approx 1hr till finished.
8 looks better than photos.
9 rides with a smile on my face!
only took it for small ride so far to test, all is well nut may have to tighten up rear brake once bedded in.
love it....!
I am recomending to everyone.
Day 2 done 30 miles (heavy handedly) on one charge. Lots of hills, lots of stops, lots of hard winds and a little off roading , Still had 2 bars left!
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Finding my (electric) wheels
Jun 19, 2019
Hi Geoff I bought one myself a month or so ago like you I am very pleased with the bike and excellent customer service from Tony and Hatti.
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