Woosh XF07 Torque Sensing Kits


Apr 5, 2015
I have recently purchased & fitted these kits, with 17 ah batteries to our bikes. Woosh were very helpful both before & after purchase, as there was a certain amount of difficulty with removing the epicyclic bottom brackets. This was resolved by purchasing new shells from Thorn bikes. The torque sensing crankset did not fit as the existing bottom bracket was two short. I consulted did Woosh who provided two different length bottom brackets by return of post. Apart from a slight amount of easing with a deemed to the front forks, the rest of the installation was straight forward.



I have now done 280 miles & my wife has done 120 miles. Both bikes are performing well with no problems. The torque sensing system works almost instantaneously providing a big boost to start & then providing assistance based on the level set on the controller.

I have explored a number of local Chiltern hills, which it coped with well with me providing a lot of assistance. A long 1 in 8 hill appeared to be easily achieve at 8.5 mph. On a long 1 in 6 we made it dropping to 5.5mph, I am not sure but this be both my & the motor’s limit.

After the first 60 miles it just went down to 2 bars of battery left. Recently with a newly charged battery 41.8 volts did 56 miles, voltage at end 36.8 volts. These rides included some significant hills at maximum assistance but mainly at level 2.

We are both very pleased with the kits, we have been able to keep our existing bikes, which were specified for us by Thorn about ten years ago. Our teenage legs should now give us & our bikes a new lease of life.1596706563149.jpeg1596706562778.jpeg