Review Woosh XF08C kit

Jul 28, 2015
ST8 North Staffs
Back story
I have done a Front Wheel conversion some Years ago, passed the bike on to my Father in law when I bought a Bosch cx drive ebike,which I still ride regularly, last Year i bought a Surly touring bike believing my Knee issues were a thing of the past, this proved to be rather
a rash decision because after cycling around 25-30 miles i can go no further, without severe pain, so I decided to convert my new bike.
After months of deliberation I bought a woosh xf08c rear wheel conversion with a 15Ah battery. ( I also bought a 10 speed cassette so I could swop the wheels back over with the minimum of fuss)
From order to receipt was a matter of a couple of Days, which i thought was excellent service.
Fitting the majority of the kit was a doddle (easy) the wheel just slotted in the frame with ease, I had to shuffle the washers but no issues, the cassette lined up and gear changing was smooth with the minimum of tweaking to the derailleur, the battery cradle was fitted with the extra clinch nut supplied.
The speed sensor was fitted with ease, the only real issue I had was the pedal sensor didn't fit my bottom bracket ( splined ISIS type) which was extremely close to the double chain ring ( around 2-3 mm gap After contacting Tony at woosh (again excellent service) it was suggested they supply an alternative sensor for the RHS.
However after reading the instructions ( I'm an Engineer so reading instructions is a last resort :)) i drilled out the 12 Magnet disc to 50mm to prevent it jamming on the bottom bracket and cable tied it to the chain ring, the sensor was next on the list, I knew this would have to be modified slightly as the "dog-leg" in the clamping ring was too shallow to clear the magnetic disc I managed to achieve the modification, but in doing so I damaged the sensor so resorted to glue and cable ties to secure it as a temporary measure. I no longer required the RHS sensor but did need a replacement for the one I damaged, which is now on order.
The Cables were quite straight forward to hide in and around the frame, I would like a single cable up to the display, as I didn't use the Throttle or the Brake sensors so I will look into replacing this cable in the near future, if this is possible.
The only other problem I had was the Tyre I took off my donor bike a WTB Riddler was very easy to fit on the supplied Wheel, so easy i tried another new Tyre a Shwalbe Marathon Mondial which was even easier to go on, and in fact fell off again as I got the second bead onto the rim?? these Tyres are usually a bugger to get on, so I put the WTB Tyre back on and pumped it up it seemed OK only time will tell?.
I fitted the Battery and went for a Ten Mile test run, and the Bike performed brilliantly I am very pleased with the performance, especially as I live in a very hilly part of the Country, on the Staffordshire/Cheshire/Derbyshire border.
sorry for the convoluted report I really did try to keep it as brief as possible.
I intend to ride a much longer route this Weekend to give the kit a good test and I will report back, in due course



Finding my (electric) wheels
Apr 5, 2015
Can you include a comparison with the performance & ride ability of your other bike with the Bosch CX
Jul 28, 2015
ST8 North Staffs
Hi Audio2
The bikes are very different to ride, the Bosch CX feels much more like riding a normal bike, except someone is giving you a push up the hills, gear changing is almost the same.
The rear hub drive feels more like an electrically assisted motor bike in a strange way? you feel that you are being pushed no matter what gear you are in, it's difficult to explain, it's like comparing apples and pears.
Performance wise they are very similar, if anything the CX appears more powerful, I need a longer ride to fully assess the differences
I am please with the result, it rides superbly, which doesn't surprise me because the donor bike is so good
Hope this helps


Esteemed Pedelecer
Aug 31, 2012
As you will see from this link there are marked differences between hub and crank drive bikes:

I suggest you have test rides on a Cube with the Bosch Active Line Plus motor (50NM) and a Haibike Trekking/HardSeven with the PW-SE motor (70NM).

The CX motor will have considerable drag above the cut off speed (15.5 mph) compared to the above two motors.
Jul 28, 2015
ST8 North Staffs
I absolutely agree with Eagle, I was unfortunate to run out of battery last Year on my CX bike, OMG it was like riding the old sturmey archer stuck in 3rd gear, with a broken toggle chain ,up hardknot pass, or my local "killer mile" to Mow Cop, I must have blanked this out of my memory. :oops:
The conversion will ride just like it always did only heavier.