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Good afternoon flecc your test list for the Lafree Twist was very helpful. The HALL sensor is at fault. any idea where to find one pls. PeeDee
Panasonic give out no tech details or provide any spares, so the only chance to get the exact spare is from a failed unit. They mostly fail from other causes. Other wise take Neal's advice and try his recommendations. They are individually very cheap so worth a try. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but Panasonic don't make it easy.
Hi I dont know if you about but you sent me a part for my bike once. read this

Hi Dave interested in the kudos secret what battery does this have, what weight is it and how long is the warranty ? Many thanks
Hi Folks, I am happy for you to use my recommendation in your advertising material, please keep me informed regarding progress of your excellent product. If I can be of any assistance demonstrating the eFOLDi I would be happy to assist, I am in the Fakenham, Norfolk area and transport our Two eFOLDi scooters in my Lexus RX300 SUV.

Hi! I'm a DYU D3+ rider from UK. Totally enjoying this mini ride. I'm researching to increase battery extended life (currently on 10.4) and possibly dual 250W motors. All very exciting on the potential of these Mopeds. I use the pedal only for up hill assist. I'm 6ft, 210lb/95kg. Works fine for me!
Roger, 64 year old. 2018 Trek Powerfly 5

Tyres: Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTBs
Saddle: Brooks E17
Saddle Post: Suntour SP12-NCX
Pedals: Shimano Saint MX80s
Brakes: Shimano Saint M820s
Pannier rack and panniers
Crane Brass Bell
I saw on one of your posts that you ride 30 miles on full throttle on your scross. From your experience,what is the max it can cope with on undulating terrain only on throttle?
Bikes like that are not really meant to be ridden without pedalling. Using just a throttle, range would depend on your weight and the amount of hills you climb. On any medium hill, the motor wouldn't have enough power to run at normal speed, so it would run extremely inefficiently and waste a lot of battery. Also, everything will run very hot, so you run the risk of damage to the motor, motor controller and battery.
Thanks for the reply. After being for several decent rides now,I understand that pedalling is essential,just makes you feel 10 years younger. Not actually used throttle. Very much enjoying it!
Thank you for the understanding message and apologies but it was taken out of my hands. I wish you well in your search for a suitable bike. Cheers Steve W...
Now I know why our conversation about your Wisper petered out........ very sorry to hear about your heart attack. Take it easy and don’t rush your recovery, be patient. A year ago I was very low with cancer but now am back to full health and enjoying life.
All the best