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banned from the garage by the other half
scott tampigo with panda conversion kit
more....both Haibikes are the Yamaha motor.
I have a 2016 Haibike sduro Cross SL. I love riding it, but even with a grade, it is geared so low that I can't pedal any faster than about 29 mph. I would like to put a 2 x 10 front derailleur and second chain ring on it. Do you know where I can find what parts I need? I also have a 2017 Xduro 6.5 that is 2 x 10 already. Would my SL use the same derailleur and chainring? Would I need to change the hub?
Hi Warwick - interested in your post - i have Oxygen Emate bought August 2016 - went to use today & could not turn on - had spare display - tried that same problem no display - checked batt voltage 41.5v so ok - disconnected/reconnected all plug/sockets - checked male/female batt connections similiar to your pic...took controller cover (base batt mounting) looks naff job but nothing obviuosly wrong-Any idea's?
Ebike commuter
Looking for a bike to bbshd tge heck out of!
Hey Wheel-E, I saw your posts about the Stealth 500W, really helpful so thanks for sharing man! Just wondering what do you make of the Stealth for urban riding and as an all rounder? Thinking about getting one for my commute, the 19ah one. Also a little unsure about the range.
Hi, I need to be at the airport for 3:20pm, so anything between 2:00 and 3:00pm works for me, if it is not far away from Gatwick
New to Ebiking. Got a Carrea Crossfuse my first ebike. Mad Celtic FC supporter. Love soul music. Always ready fer eeeeeeebiking
Thanks Damien I did identify it, PS the Rio is superb. My Rio had replaced an illegal 1500 watt bike. You know what the Rio is better, extra power is not always the Best all and end all. I run my Rio at a 18 mph cut off it is all that you need. My old bike was 48v and 29 mph. I much prefer the Rio more like a bike.
hey mate, how is it going? I noticed you have a 2017 Marin Muirwoods with a BSHD and I was actually looking at the same bike to convert. Did you have any issue doing the conversion with the standard kit and chainring? Thanks!
Most of the stuff I say is true because I saw it in a dream and I don't have the presence of mind to make up lies when I'm asleep.
I don't recognise those mushrooms??
Sorry JB, I missed your query. They are Dryads Saddles, Polyporus squamosus, but in a very young stage just sprouted and tiny. My photo is a close up. Of course they end up as huge brackets when fully grown out.
You will need to replace the chain as well. Is it possible to add a chain ring and a front derailleur?
Hi Pete how's that Trike doing..the brakes look a weird setup..
Gepida Alboin 1000. hybrid Bosh Performance line motor. 500Wh battery. Shimano Alfine 8 hub gears.