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Hi there, I noticed you are an active member. Do you have any idea who/what I should go to/refer to to derestrict a gtech sport ebike? And if not, what timeframe it's likely to be until someone makes this information available for me to refer a mechanic to (or however exactly I would get it derestricted).

I only need a slightly faster bike, say 20mph (but over is fine of course).

Thanks : )
Hi mate.... I'm going out on a limb here but give me your Paypal address and I will buy your EX1 setup- what was the full price inc postage? £106?? I'll pay you up front in the trust we have built over this. Cheers... Barry
Can you let me know who it was privately. I promise not to give anything away, but I am very interested in your final comment.
Good afternoon flecc your test list for the Lafree Twist was very helpful. The HALL sensor is at fault. any idea where to find one pls. PeeDee
Panasonic give out no tech details or provide any spares, so the only chance to get the exact spare is from a failed unit. They mostly fail from other causes. Other wise take Neal's advice and try his recommendations. They are individually very cheap so worth a try. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but Panasonic don't make it easy.
Hi I dont know if you about but you sent me a part for my bike once. read this

Hi Dave interested in the kudos secret what battery does this have, what weight is it and how long is the warranty ? Many thanks