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Electric Biking should be the new way of tourism due to the fact that pollution level increasing at rapid pace. Nuru Manila are promoting this initiative.
Hi, I've got the Carrera SRSuntour and I've followed your instructions to add the Arduino with a throttle. I'm getting the 00 error when the Arduino is plugged in (which is controller communication fault), any ideas. I've wired it as your diagram (I think) but the bike works as normal when unplugged too, regards Richard
My boyfriend told me we're going to join an annual Cyclist's Prom. I need to hurry and buy a pink gown - it's on the next week!
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Why ride an eBike?
In Europe, electrical assist bicycles have been gaining steady popularity over the past decade. However, North America is still catching up with the trend. Electric bike is designed to improve the entire experience of cycling, helping you to go up steep hills and getting to places without perspiring or getting tired.
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Hi there, I noticed you are an active member. Do you have any idea who/what I should go to/refer to to derestrict a gtech sport ebike? And if not, what timeframe it's likely to be until someone makes this information available for me to refer a mechanic to (or however exactly I would get it derestricted).

I only need a slightly faster bike, say 20mph (but over is fine of course).

Thanks : )