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What are the benefits of riding an electric bike?

There are many benefits to electric bikes. Perhaps you’re a commuter wanting to arrive at work sweat-free, there are a couple of killer hills that you need to flatten, or you just some assistance for those knees that aren’t as strong as they once were!

Below you’ll find several benefits to riding an electric bike, these include:

  • Commuting – arrive fresh at work, without the sweat, especially if your employer doesn’t provide you with shower facilities. It also means you don’t need to carry lots of spare clothing around.
Tackle hill-climbing with ease – flatten those hills! An electric bike makes it much easier for you to climb hills – even a 1 in 4 can be made light work.
  • Shopping – fit some panniers on your e-bike and you can leave the car at home, it saves fighting for a car parking space or incurring parking charges. Plus, the extra assistance of an electric bike is a real benefit when carrying  groceries home.
Keep up with town traffic – an electric bike can help you quickly set off from junctions or a standing start. This helps you keep up with other road users, improving your safety on the road.
  • Cover greater distances – more powerful batteries now mean that many bikes have ranges in excess of 50 miles enabling you to enjoy greater distances and explore our beautiful countryside with ease, and without having to worry whether you’ll have to pedal all the way home.
  • Environmental – an electric bike helps keep urban pollution to a minimum. After all, it’s another car less on the road, or at the very least a car being used less.
  • Low cost – there is no licence required to ride an electric bike, or insurance or MOT. Best of all, you don’t have to worry over the ever-increasing cost of diesel or petrol prices. An electric bike costs pennies to run.
  • Mature riders – many older cyclists who have enjoyed cycling throughout their lives can continue to do so with as little or as much assistance as they wish.
  • Ill-health – we’ve heard success stories of passionate cyclists back out into the open air with the assistance of an electric bike.
  • Recovering from injury – powered pedals mean you can regain fitness gently, without compromising your recovery.
  • General health and fitness – you are still getting exercise benefits when using an electric bike, you’re still pedalling. Many bikes now offer the facility to adjust the level of assistance you receive enabling you to get more or less help from the motor. Plus – especially for commuters – you can always turn off the assistance to burn off extra energy on the way home.
  • No driving licence – if you no longer have a licence, perhaps due to ill-health, age or maybe a driving ban, an electric bike can get you back on the road – legally.
  • They’re fun! – we mustn’t forget that owning and riding an electric bike is great fun. That’s a good enough reason in itself.