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Where to hire an electric bike in the UK

St Ives from the Malakoff

All the benefits of the electric bike transfer perfectly to touring, but there is one in particular that stands proud : if you drive less you’ll see more. Narrow country lanes, scenic cycle routes and more oomph than legs alone give most of us, literally means a breath of fresh air in the way we take in the UK’s landscape all around us. Many organized cycle tours will have pubs and cafes dotted along scenic routes to keep you going, usually with recharging points should your battery need it.

If you don’t already own an e-bike, touring may also serve as an ideal introduction to the world of electric bikes. What better way to try out an e-bike than to enjoy some of UK’s best scenery at the same time. Whether you want to be able to visit nooks and crannies that a car can’t reach, travel further to see more or just experience the exhilaration a hill-top view offers but without needing to sit down for 15 minutes first, then an electrically assisted bike offers a completely different experience to the car.

The below are just some destinations offering electric bikes for hire. Services range from straight bike hire to organized cycling tours, so it’s a good idea to find out what each company offers. Are cycle accessories, including a helmet, an extra cost? What about assistance, do they help in the event of a puncture or other problems?

This short guide offers some alternatives to the tours offered by the Electric Bicycle Network. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, so please do let us know if you discover other destinations offering e-bike hire.

If you’re interested in discovering the city of Cambridge by bike then Cambridge Bike Tours offer electric bike hire.

Some retailers have diversified into e-bike rental, The Electric Transport Shop also offer short period hire in the Cambridge area.

Electric Mountain bikes offer e-bike hire in the Lake District. Based in Windermere with a range of Freego bikes for those that fancy “the view from the saddle but not the burn in your legs”.

Staplehurst in Kent is home to the Electric Bike Centre offering e-bike hire from £15 for a half day.

Cornwall also recently saw Cornish Cycle Tours launch their electric bike hire service for £30 a day. As well as organizing graded tour routes to offer a range of easier, shorter routes through their “hardest” for experience cyclists.The company can also assist with luggage transfers, car parking and accommodation.

The Yorkshire Dales also offers some spectacular scenery; tells you more about combining a tour with local events here.

If you travel as far as the Isle of Wight then AXcess e-bike hire allows you to take in views where cars can’t go. Family run business, Puffin, also offer free delivery and collection if you hire an electric bike from them while on holiday in Jersey.