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Gadget Show bills ‘electric as 2015 transport buzzword’


Technology enthusiasts were attending Saturday’s Gadget Show in abundance when Pedelecs visited the show at the weekend.

Gadget Show Entrance

With the Gadget Show pronouncing ‘electric as the buzzword of 2015 transport’, the Electric Transport Shop’s large stand in Hall 6 was well placed to capitalise on growing interest.


Showing a broad range of e-bikes including the Bergamont, Ave, Haibike, Gazelle, GoCyle and Raleigh brands, the company’s Eddie Kehoe explained why the show is a great place to exhibit, saying: “The Gadget Show Live is a great place to introduce people to electric bikes for the first time.”


With thousands browsing and testing the latest gadgets and geekery on offer, e-bikes are no longer virgin territory to many however.

“This year many more people were aware of electric bikes and what they are… with some returning excitedly to the stand having already test ridden one.”

However, the venue’s ‘Gadget Wheels’ test track was shared with other exhibitors, such as Segway, meaning anyone wanting to try an e-bike had to wait until an allotted hour, which may have deterred some from experiencing not only what an e-bike can do, but also how easy they are to operate.


The company says test riding is the only real way to “create the awareness of what can be achieved from a leisure and transport perspective.”

For those that did try out one of The Electric Transport Shop’s latest models “everyone that took a test ride, without exception, provided enthusiastic feedback and walked away smiling – each a new ambassador for the industry.”

Eddie summed up the event: “This year the e-bikes looked better than ever, sporting household names such as Bosch, Yamaha and Panasonic meaning more people made time to have a look.


“Electric bikes have never been better and the big brands are fighting it out for market share. With some fantastic Bosch and Yamaha electric bikes starting well under £2000 and the exchange rates forcing future prices up it’s arguably a great time to buy.”


Hall 6 was also home to indoor bike storage company, Cycloc. Press day saw Crispin Sinclair, son of Clive, introduce his Babel bike, billed as the ‘World’s Safest Bike’. The recumbent rider position is protected by bars preventing side-impact, plus seatbelt; the concept evolved after Crispin Sinclair was involved in a crash while cycling.

Due to be officially launched tomorrow, the bike is planned to be available in electric and non-electric versions; Crispin is reportedly looking for investors to put the bike into production.