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One million e-bikes sold in Germany, up 36%

The latest market data released from ZIV, Germany’s “two wheeler” trade body, reports just under one million electric bikes were sold in 2018, an increase of 36% compared to 2017.

The market share for electric bikes now stands at 23.5%. With customers favouring higher quality equipment, comfort and a longer product life, all of which have been ‘observable trends for several years,’ ZIV say that industry innovation – improvements in battery and drive technologies, aesthetics and integrated power – have all played their part in continued market growth.

Furthermore, e-bike exports increased to 440,000 units last year – 51% more than the previous year.

Warmer weather paved the way for stronger retail sales volume across all cycles in Germany, with an overall increase to 4.18 million units of both assisted and ordinary cycles sold in 2018, an increase of 8.6% on the previous year.


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I read that and after the shock "1 million e-bikes" heading they state that 980,000 e-bikes were sold. Almost a million but 200,000 short all the same. That "small" 200k difference is still over three (3) times the number of e-bikes sold in the UK in 2018...
It would be interesting to have a breakdown of those sales by manufacturer and bike type.

You can find more detailed information here:

It's in German, but maybe some graphs are still understandable.
The stats for France were published this week 338,000 e-bikes up 21%.
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  • April 15, 2019
anotherkiwi, it's 20 000 short, not 200 000. So not as significant as you suggest, though if you're saying the number of e-bikes sold in the UK is around 60 000, then it's still a third of UK sales.