Speed Pedelecs

Speed Pedelec Registration Guide – Completing the V267

V267 – Declaration that a vehicle is new

One of two forms that you need to complete and send off to the DLVA.

See also – V55/4 – Application for first vehicle tax and registration of a new motor vehicle 


Where to obtain the form

The V55/4 can be ordered directly from the DLVA website (https://forms.dft.gov.uk/order-dvla-forms/). The website will ask for an address to send the form(s) to. When we requested ours, they arrived within a few days.


Completing the form

When you receive the form, you will need to complete it as follows. You will need various pieces of information from your Certificate of Conformity (CoC) which should have been supplied to you when you purchased your bike.


Section A – Details of the vehicle

  1. Make (Manufacturer name e.g. Riese & Muller)
  2. Model (eBike Model e.g. – Charger B2)
  3. Type of body (Electric Bicycle)
  4. Colour (bike colour from CoC)
  5. Cylinder Capacity (0)
  6. Revenue weight in kg (leave blank)
  7. Type Approval Number (from CoC)
  8. Vehicle Identification Number VIN (from CoC)
  9. Engine Number (from CoC)

Section B – Name and address of person, partnership or company who imported the vehicle

Enter your name, full address and contact telephone number.

Section C – Declaration

Sign and date.



Send to DLVA

The V267 needs to be sent to DLVA along with :

  • V55/4 (Application for first vehicle tax and registration of a new motor vehicle)
  • Cheque for £55.00 made payable to DVLA
  • Certificate of Conformity (needs to be the original document, not a copy – you will receive it back with the V5)
  • Proof of address (e.g. bill / bank statement )
  • Proof of ID ( e.g. Photo Driving Licence)