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Get Stuff Done with Tern’s new compact utility e-bike

Tern’s GSD is designed to carry 2 kids, the shopping or 180Kg of cargo.

Pitched at the urban transportation market, the 180cm long bike adjusts to fit riders ranging from 150cm to 195cm tall, with the low-step frame and adjustable stem providing an e-bike ‘all-rounder’ for the family.

The 20″ wheel GSD, which stands for ‘Get Stuff Done’, comes equipped with integrated lights, rack and mudguards, as well as two large panniers, double kickstand and retractable passenger foot pegs.

While the frame doesn’t fold, the handlebars – also adjustable for reach and height – fold down for easier storage and “small enough to fit in a VW Touran or an urban apartment” say Tern.

Powered by the Bosch Performance motor, the bike offers a dual-battery option and will be available in the first quarter of 2018.

“One of our guiding insights was that cargo bikes are most useful in city centres, but they’re correspondingly difficult to manage and store,” according to Galen Crout, Communications Manager at Tern. “Dense urban centres bring cargo bikes to life—where groceries, schools and work are all within a bikeable distance—but they’re also where houses are small, and where bike theft is a persistent problem. We’re creating the compact utility e-bike category to let people in cities enjoy the benefits of cargo bikes without the limitations” said Galen Crout, Communications Manager at Tern.