Hx MT 250W R 11.5BB



The Falco triple drive system is a combination of torque sensor, crank sensor and throttle operation.
Torque Sensor (TS): The motor has an internal torque sensor. When you begin to cycle, the torque sensor activates in proportion to your cycling effort. It is a variable sensor and power delivered by the motor can be modulated precisely by the user.

Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS): The pedal assist sensor works in combination with the torque sensor. It is mounted on the cranks and provides crank speed information to the motor. The motor will not activate the torque sensor until the PAS is activated. The motor shuts down assistance a soon as the PAS is deactivated.

Power on Demand (POD): This feature is activated using the thumb throttle. The motor delivers immediate power to the wheel when the throttle is activated. POD overrides the torque sensor and pedal assist sensor. This is of great benefit when starting on a hill or when gear selection is inappropriate.

The Falco triple drive electric assistance can be felt as soon as the rider starts peddling. The bike can be operated with or without the triple drive and it is possible to instantly switch from manual to power assist without interruption of peddle rotation. Triple drive assistance can be used continuously although in order to conserve battery power it is good practice to anticipate gear changes when approaching an incline and to use assistance only when extra power is needed.


Total and Precise Control: The Falco triple drive system delivers total and precise control to the rider. Team Hybrid and Falco spent four years in perfecting the triple drive specifically for handcyclists. Numerous handcycle models were fabricated and tested.
The triple drive behaviour can be modified by the dealer through a simple windows based Falco interface. The Falco interface allows endless possibilities in terms of user customisations. For example, one can modify the assistance profiles with respect to speed and torque required by the rider. Similarly, one can select how and when the assistance needs to be activated or deactivated through the Falco interface.

Adaptive propulsion Technology: As riders encounter different terrains, motor adaptivity changes the level of assistance. If the rider moves from a flat terrain to a hilly terrain, motor adaptivity changes the assistance so that the rider has a seamless riding experience. Similarly, the motor will automatically adapt the level of assistance as you move from low to high speed again ensuring a seamless riding experience.

Ultimate Safety: The motor modulates the power delivery taking into account the torque of the rider as well as pedal and motor speed for exceptionally smooth assistance. Inbuilt safety functions only turn on the motor power when the pedal assist sensor is activated and the wheel has movement. This is the double safety feature of Falco’s triple drive system. This allows for precise manoeuvring in confined places as well as high traffic areas and at low speeds. The rider always has total and precise control at all times.


The Falco-E-Display Console: is the first wireless eBike console in the market. It has a custom designed LCD which can communicate with the Falco components on the Cougar wirelessly.

It has integrated diagnostics and has on-board data storage capability. The Hxd command console is easily mounted on the handlebars making it easy to reach and operate while riding the Cougar.

Falco’s Command console has been designed to provide three functions:

Bicycle Data – Speed, distance and trip time
e-Bike Data – Battery voltage and current
Fitness Data – Heart rate and calories burned

The prominent features of the Hxd-Console is it’s pocket sized, sleek detachable design with fewer wires and components. The main functionality of the Hxd console is to display battery current consumption and regeneration along with speed indication.
Different modes of assistance and regeneration can be selected form the console via the + – buttons mounted on the handle of the Cougar. The Falco command console runs on a 3v rechargeable battery which can run up to 7 days once charged.


Highly Compact, Light-weight and Long Lasting: Falco’s 36V Lithium-ion battery weighs only 2.5kg yet has an 11.5Ah capacity. The panasonic cells used last longer than the low quality batteries found on many other e-Bike systems.

Protected by Falco’s proprietary battery management system, the batteries provide the best combination of energy density and cycle life in the industry, allowing you to fit more miles into your battery case and minimise customer returns.

Highly Reliable and Long Lasting: Falco’s battery management technology protects packs from heat, voltage imbalance, under-voltage and over-current. Falco’s BMS (Battery Management System) dramatically improves cycle life and prevents battery fires and explosions. All Li-ion cells benefit from Falco’s precise battery and pack management technology.


First of all the point needs to be made that cycling with the Falco triple drive electric assist system is not a lazy option. The rider can actively achieve a far superior workout using Falco powered cycles than can be got using a manual hand cycle.

The Falco triple drive program program has been designed so that the rider needs to be working to gain the full potential of the motor in the pedelec modes. The program can of course be modified at the time of purchase to suit each individual rider. Modification of the program changes the ease of how the maximum output of the motor is achieved, this is programmed depending on rider ability.
There are five modes of assistance with mode one being the Eco mode (up to 60 miles of continuous assistance per charge). Mode five gives the most assistance with 15-20 miles per charge being achievable.

The throttle can be used as a boost if the rider feels that a particular mode is not giving enough assistance at any given time. The throttle can also be used to start from a standstill on hills or at road junctions for example.


There are five modes of regeneration available. When decending a hill just flick the button into regen mode one and you can instantly feel the motor slow down, this is an indication that power is being pumped back into the battery. You can also pedal whilst in regen mode either downhill or on the flat, this will not only pump power back into the battery but give you a brilliant workout as well. Any of the regen modes can be selected for peddling in but any more than mode two and one would begin to struggle.


The triple drive system is integral to the motor construction and has a combination of inputs that the controller interprets to give you assistance. The controller senses the rpm of the motor to calculate speed and relative velocity of the motor for smoother power delivery as well as establishing a minimum motor rev speed before the power is turned on. This is so that you do not get flung forward if you have pressure on the cranks/drivetrain but are at a standstill.

The torque sensor measures how much pressure you are contributing to the propulsion of the handbike/motor. It is a torsional sensor and will modulate the power the controller delivers to the motor and will only turn on the power if the wheel is already moving. The more pressure you put on the drivetrain the more assistance the motor gives in return regardless of the speed you are doing at the time. There is no trail off of power when you reach the higher motor rpm.

Components included

Falco motor with integrated controller built into a wheels size of your choice.
Wireless Console with control buttons.
11.5Ah Bottle type Battery/Charger.


  • Falco
  • Hx MT 250W R 11.5BB
  • £1405.00
  • 20-28
  • 250
  • Front or Rear hub
  • Falco
  • Falco
  • 60
  • Independent throttle plus pedal assist
  • 7
  • Motor 5 years (when purchased as a complete kit and fitted by a qualified dealer). Battery 2 years

Service & Repair options

Optional extras


Lithium battery conforms to UN standard 38.3


To ensure your bike is compatible with an electric bike conversion kit, please discuss thoroughly with your chosen seller before purchase.

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