Rear CST kit


Easy to fit rear hub XF08C CST motor with 36V 15AH square bottle battery.
Conform to EN15194

Components included

Rear MXUS XF08C CST motor, stainless spokes with 26" double rim
Thumb throttle
Easyfit PAS sensor
2 brake sensors (inline for cable operated brakes or glued-on for hydraulic brakes)
36V 15AH battery (weight: 3.3kgs, Samsung 2600mAH cells).


  • Woosh
  • Rear CST kit
  • £499.00
  • 26
  • 250
  • Rear hub
  • MXUS
  • 36V 15AH
  • 60
  • Independent throttle plus pedal assist
  • 2 sensors for cable or hydraulic brakes
  • 9
  • waterproof cable
  • 1 year when fitted by approved installers
  • DIY and manuals

Service & Repair options

Optional extras

fitting by approved installers


Lithium battery conforms to UN standard 38.3


To ensure your bike is compatible with an electric bike conversion kit, please discuss thoroughly with your chosen seller before purchase.

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