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Pedelecs traffic safety reports emerge
Early data from Germany, the largest EU market for electric bikes, is starting to build a picture on the use of electric bikes and riders’... Read more
E-biking to work
The rise of the speed pedelec
Early figures for 2015 showed speed pedelec sales to be surging ahead in Europe. While legislation aligning UK electric bike law with Europe’s has only... Read more
NEC electric bike test track
NEC 2015: New e-bikes and faces for 2016
This year’s Cycle Show launched numerous new models from the ranks of well-established brands, as well as introducing fresh faces to the UK’s market and... Read more
Brompton folding bike
F1 company takes Electric Brompton forward
UK folding bike-maker, Brompton, have teamed up with Williams Advanced Engineering “to help to develop a new, exciting bicycle”. The company have said: “Brompton Bicycle... Read more
Stromer ST1 electric bike
Stromer appoints Bikes GB as UK distributor
Swiss e-bike brand, Stromer, is expanding into the UK market by appointing Bikes GB as sole importer. Describing the UK market as ‘in its infancy,’... Read more
Lumos launch ‘smart’ cycle helmet
A new cycle safety helmet with integrated lights showing turning signals and brake lights, as well as a white ‘headlight’ at the front, has more... Read more

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