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My e-bike and me
Pedelecs member and longtime cyclist, Zakventis, contacted us to share his story of the “life-changing” effect of taking delivery of a Trek electric bike: I... Read more
First collaboration of Momentum Electric’s ‘open platform’ AUTORQ launches at CES
The AUTORQ system made its first appearance on Momentum Electric‘s bikes back in 2012, when founder Ying-Tsao Tan’s ambition was to create simplified, intuitive assistance... Read more
Batribike Diamond
Batribike partners with Pro-Movec
Lincolnshire-based Batribike have formed a new company with Jesper Lundqvist, CEO of Danish e-bike company Pro-Movec. With both companies operating in the market for ten... Read more
EU e-bike importers unite to combat potential trade measures on Chinese imports
This week an industry group gathered in Brussels for the first time to combat the potential fallout from an ongoing EU ‘anti-dumping’ investigation into electric... Read more
LEVA and electric bike importers call for an end to Chinese e-bike ‘dumping’ investigation
Importers of electric bikes have come together to call for an end to the EU’s current dumping investigation into electric bikes imported from China. The... Read more
Norwegian study quantifies exercise benefits of electric bikes
Researchers at a Norwegian university have undertaken a study to better understand the intensity of exercise a cyclist gets from pedalling an e-bike (set to... Read more

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