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Sainsbury’s trials e-cargo delivery
From this week, a fleet of five e-cargo bikes will be setting off across south London from the Streatham Common branch of Sainsbury’s to deliver... Read more
Cambridge start-up takes on folding e-bike market
Hinton Bikes has tasked itself with producing a folding electric bike the size and weight of an “airline carry-on bag”. 18 months into the project,... Read more
1 in 3 bikes sold in the Netherlands is an e-bike
Market figures just released by RAI show the first increase in the volume of new bicycles sold in the Netherlands since 2007. With 957,000 units... Read more
My e-bike and me
Pedelecs member and longtime cyclist, Zakventis, contacted us to share his story of the “life-changing” effect of taking delivery of a Trek electric bike: I... Read more
First collaboration of Momentum Electric’s ‘open platform’ AUTORQ launches at CES
The AUTORQ system made its first appearance on Momentum Electric‘s bikes back in 2012, when founder Ying-Tsao Tan’s ambition was to create simplified, intuitive assistance... Read more
Batribike Diamond
Batribike partners with Pro-Movec
Lincolnshire-based Batribike have formed a new company with Jesper Lundqvist, CEO of Danish e-bike company Pro-Movec. With both companies operating in the market for ten... Read more

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