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80-year-old e-bikes across America
John Moss, an 80-year old Korean War veteran, today starts his 2,500-mile journey from Washington State to Ohio on an Easy Motion NEO Jet electric... Read more
Lapierre exclusive for e-bikeshop
e-bikeshop have announced they’re to sell the Lapierre Overvolt range exclusively in the UK. The eMTB specialist, fronted by Martin Brown, told Pedelecs: “Lapierre has... Read more
Overseas news: Dutch company launches electric wooden bike
Dutch manufacturer, Bough Bikes, presented their electric wooden bike in New York, earlier this week. New Yorkers were invited to test ride the bicycle in... Read more
Overseas news: Sales of S-pedelecs increases in Switzerland
Sales of speed pedelecs in Switzerland are increasing. These more powerful electric bikes are subject to registration with the Swiss authorities and require a licence... Read more
Crowd funding starts for Gi Bike
The Gi bike, a folding e-bike designed for the city, launches on the Kickstarter fundraising website on 13th May. The full-size bike folds in 3... Read more
Bosch joins BEBA
Growing numbers of electric bike retailers are joining the BEBA ranks in 2014 to support the growth of the industry. Alongside Bosch, Spencer Ivy, The... Read more

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