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Value increase in cycle imports attributed to e-bikes, say BA
The Bicycle Association, the UK’s cycle industry trade body, this week released the latest UK import and export data to its members, which shows the... Read more
£1.2bn Cycling & Walking Investment unveiled
Last month the government published its long-term Cycling and Walking Investment plan (‘CWIS’) to encourage more people to make short journeys on a bike or... Read more
Accell Group breaks off takeover talks with bidder Pon Holdings
Exploratory discussions between Accell and Pon have ground to a halt, according to a statement issued by Accell Group yesterday. It said that Pon’s increased... Read more
Bicycle Association calls for Vnuk e-bike exemption
The BA has called for electric bikes to be exempted from the EU’s Vnuk ruling. Slovenian Damijan Vnuk was injured on private land in 2014... Read more
Accell Group receives €845m takeover proposal from Pon Holdings
Accell Group has today announced that it has received a “a non-binding, conditional proposal from Pon Holdings to combine Accell Group with its own bicycle... Read more
Electric bike sales continue to drive growth for German bike industry
Industry figures tracking sales of bicycles in Germany show that with 4.05 million bicycles sold in Germany last year, units sold dipped 6.9% compared to... Read more

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