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DFT electric bike law update
DfT consults on compulsory insurance for e-bikes & lawnmowers
A European Court of Justice judgment may see third party insurance being required for a broader scope of ‘vehicles’ being ridden on private land as... Read more
Interview with Momentum Electric: the making of the VIT-S
Momentum Electric was founded in 2012 by product design graduate, Ying-Tsao Tan. Since then Ying has concentrated on ‘moving everybody’ in the urban market, with... Read more
Ying-Tsao Tan with VIT-S
Momentum Electric launch VIT-S on Kickstarter
Momentum Electric are the latest electric bike manufacturer to capitalize on the reach of Kickstarter, launching their VIT-S, an electric bike first unveiled in the... Read more
E-MTBs increase 3rd quarter turnover for Accell Group
The latest trading update from cycle giant, Accell Group, attributes 2016’s third quarter increase to higher electric bike sales, particularly e-MTBs. The statistics favourably pitch... Read more
Cycling & wellbeing study calls for support of growing e-bike market
Oxford Brookes University led a three-year study into supporting and prolonging cycling among the UK’s older population, the key recommendations of which have just been... Read more
Interview with Gocycle
Richard Thorpe is the design engineer behind Karbon Kinetics, the UK based manufacturer of the Gocycle. Founding the company in 2002, Thorpe had a vision... Read more

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