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  1. Keljo74
    Hi,members I have just joined,and would like to no if you can de-restrict the ansmann RM7.0, as I have just bought one thanks.
  2. Espadryl
  3. Steve UKLSRA
    Another case of FLI trying to convince people to ride legal bikes...this was an operation to stop and recover stolen bikes in Salford and nothing to do with ebikes at all lol
  4. Easygo
    Despite my little hiccups with power cut out / lost I do like the bike it really goes well for me anyway when power is required for helping a old man up hill it's there great. Hopefully when new...
  5. JuicyBike
    Well, a little later than planned, and with a name change (can't argue with Giant), our new"Roller" bike can now be seen at
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