Aug 17, 2006
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    1. euphoriabuzz
      Hi, I have asked twice if my post in classified can be marked as sold or removed, but I see it has not been done. Please tell me how to either ammend the title to say sold or to remove it. Thanks.
    2. Ianh
      Loving my Cube reaction 500 race, it’s my first ebike, into week 2. Covered almost 200 miles off road so far!
      Great looking Bike, I must admit I cover more big hill miles faster on this as opposed to my Cube LTD pro.
      In thinking a self generating power by using this dynamo and converter diagram...I'll be use it for my ebike with the voltage of 48volts Phoenix electric bike model..which of my diagram is more recommend for my dynamo? Thank you and more power.
      My dynamo is 12V 6W..what converters may you suggest I use to be come 48V?
    4. Robert Miles
      Robert Miles
      The other thing thats great is lighting without a dynamo slowing you down on a rainy cold dark morning uphill with blue fingers. And when the chain slips and you cush your knackers on the crossbar you know someone will invent an electronic bike for ya. ❤️
    5. Robert Miles
      Robert Miles
      I think having a electrical horn is brilliant. I just want some groovy tunes.
    6. Wisper Bikes
      Wisper Bikes
      Hi Russ, I hope all is well? Any chance of renaming my account Wisper Electric Bikes rather than Amps? atb David
    7. Stevie Atkinson
      Stevie Atkinson
      My electric bikes battery has died. It is a Veloceous Conquer with a 36v /10ah lithium ion battery pack for 250w motor. Any help would be most appreciated. Stevie.
    8. K M Harb
      K M Harb
      Hello. i am pleased to have discovered this site. i am joining because i have just lost an ebike so hardly had time to enjoy using it.
    9. Best Beard Oil
      Best Beard Oil
      Great site, I've been looking for a eBike forum to obtain & share information on this relatively new technology, and I'm so glad I found you have had the foresight to start this up. Keep up the great work
    10. Kenton
      Thank you for adding me to your forum..... I have, I suspect some very newbie questions to ask. You've probably heard them all before so I'll trawl the previous posts first
      1. Best Beard Oil likes this.
    11. Philipe phillop
      Philipe phillop
      Morning peddlers, looking forward to going out on my new carrera again. Bought it Friday and it's definitely fun to ride. Looking to start a 40-45 mile round trip to work soon and daily.
    12. bfaone
      Hello everyone. Good be be on this forum. I have been looking for help with e-bike conversion kit VS e-bikes on sale ....
    13. HopShop
      Which baskets will fit an electric folding bike please?Ive got a Tesco Hopper Shopper and Halfords threw their arms in the air saying not possible?
    14. letchste
      could anyone recommend an electric bike that costs under £1000 I can use for my commute. I weigh about 15 stone and need a bike powerful enough to get me up a 1 in 4 / 1 in 5 hill
    15. Laney137
      Hi just bought my first E-bike yesterday been a long time since I was in saddle lol but looking forward to getting back on my horse!
    16. Stephen Herreen
      Stephen Herreen
      Hello and thanks for the warm welcome.
      My wife and I have just bought two e-bikes and we love them!
      Our first taste of electric bikes was riding them around Athens a few years ago. We had previously cycled around Rome and along the Appian Way but found our range limited by hills and distance.
      We now look forward to sharing and discovering more of this beautiful country.
      Best regards.
    17. Ebrob617
      I have an eZee quando 2 electric bike and I usually take out the battery to charge it but it is stuck inside the bike. I've tried messing with the key trying to disengage the latch that's holding my battery in place. Are there any tricks to getting the latch disengaged
    18. Toby'sDaddy
      Hi there,
      I'm new to this forum, so hopefully I'll get things right...
      I was given an old electric bike to fix up. it's been handy to prop the door open with, but it's getting to the point where I'm ready to start having a look at it.
      It's an old 'Powabyke'. Has anyone got any info so I could try and get hold of a replacement charger, then some batteries.
      Any help would be much appreciated,
    19. (NoLongerRegistered#15675)
      Hi Russel
      Could you telll me Forum policy with regard posting and discussing illegal activities and bikes

    20. StewC
      Great site, I've been looking for a eBike forum to obtain & share information on this relatively new technology, and I'm so glad I found you have had the foresight to start this up. Keep up the great work
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