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Bicycle industry fights e-bike ‘tampering’

CONEBI, the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry, is pulling together industry bodies and companies across Europe and further afield to ‘self-commit’ to increasing measures to prevent rider tampering of electric bikes.

The Confederation has secured the signatures of 15 national bicycle industry associations and 68 companies taking a ‘strong stance’ against riders manipulating their e-bikes. Those organizations have pledged to meet , or continue to meet: “all applicable anti-tampering requirements” and to “continuously evaluate and improve existing standards as well as to raise awareness about this illegal practice.” The list of signatories includes the UK’s Bicycle Association, Wisper and others.

CONEBI define tampering in the above document as “e.g. to increase the performance or the maximum supported speed.”

Whilst CONEBI acknowledge that “the large majority of e-bike riders do not tamper with their bicycle” they cite concerns about the potential negative effect on the “innocent many”.

The organisation says the equal treatment of e-bikes and bicycles has been fundamental in the rise of electric bike use, but see rider tampering as threat to this “stable framework”. CONEBI say this is “strong motivation for the bicycle industry to fight tampering.”

Erhard Büchel, President of CONEBI: “The Bicycle Industry takes the topic of tampering very seriously and has started several actions to curb this dangerous practice. This self-commitment is only one pillar of our overall strategy. Moreover, market surveillance must be strengthened at national level supported by European legislations.”




I think thatraising the assist limit to 20mph would stop many people from tampering with their ebike, 15mph is just too slow. I very often find myself traveling above this limit when on a long run then I'm having to drag the heavy motor and battery around to boot.