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    Battery ageing question.

    Hi, Have you any suggestions on how i would go about recycling my batteries. Clearly i can't simply dispose of the old batteries. But i wondered if anyone knows on local council policies for disposing of, or recycling old Li batteries.
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    Voilamart Front wheel kit

    I would lock the front suspension and simply not use it. If you are going with a front motor hub you want that wheel planted, for full traction. Also with a powered bike you are more likely to go over the top, particularly if you apply that brake sharply on a mushy suspension. It happened...
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    Voilamart Front wheel kit

    I used the Voilamart 36v 500w rear wheel kit to upgrade an e-bike. You might find the following useful if you are looking to replace the thumb controller with a proper throttle controller. I opened the thumb throttle to figure out the 5 pin connections. Needless to say once opened the...
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    Change UK law to allow 30mph ebikes

    Here's a vid of a biker with his eyes on a cyclist ahead of him.... I doubt he was riding close to 30 mph.
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    Real Bicycle Bells This argument on the price of a decent bell, applies equally to the price of e-bikes. Those that can afford to, will do.
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    Does having "Road Tax" on an e-bike make it go faster?

    You didn't say how fast you were traveling. The motorist could have been making the point about you doing motor cycle speeds without a motor cyclist tax and insurance. In other words that tax doesn't make you go faster, it just allows you to go faster.
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    Professors suggest avoiding the word 'cyclist' because it 'dehumanises people who ride bikes'

    Road safety and psychology professors are calling for people to avoid using the word “cyclist” after a study concluded the word dehumanises people who ride bikes and may put them at increased risk of road aggression...
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    At long last, a quality mirror!

    This makes a lot of sense and beats glancing behind at speeds which could have you running into something or someone. These days, there are so many idiots crossing the road whilst looking at their mobile phones, that it makes sense to also have mirrors. That said, look what i've just found ;)...
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    Removing stubborn plug from a handlebar (Cube Touring Hybrid Pro)

    Here's a link to the various types so you know what you are dealing with...
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    Increasing mid-drive's acceleration with bicycle parts only

    If it has a controller it must be accessible. It might be harder to get at than a normal controller but it must be accessible, unless its welded in.
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    What's happened to Powacycle?

    That space where the battery sits is just a tad too tight for normal bottle battery. I was looking for a screw based tool to exand that space, but could i find one? Does anyone know what you'd call something like that. It would have to work on the principle of car screw jack to expand that...
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    E-scooters on UK roads? Not any time soon

    Scary. Why would you not want to sit down? Would the lower center of gravity make this a better ride?
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    Increasing mid-drive's acceleration with bicycle parts only

    This sounds like that controller mod, which allows more current to be drawn from the battery. Does anyone recall this? "Soldering the shunt" Not for the squimish ;)
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    What's happened to Powacycle?

    I won't have it said their service was poor. My first ebike was the Salisbury which i had a cycle store order on my behalf. When i needed support they were more than helpful, supplying me with parts at no cost and great correspondance on how to effect repairs. No, i can't fault them on...
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    Who wants a certified e-bike helmet?

    Or you could go for style ... "cycle helmet hats"