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    Consider Before You Buy Your First E-Bike

    Cheap , light, strong pick two
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    Help! New chain needed ?

    Get a chain checker tool, a worn chain will wear cassette and chainring which will make them incompatible with a new chain. You should get three chains to a cassette and chainring. Also ditch chain oil, it turns to grinding paste with any dirt. Use chain wax, it does not hold dirt, washes with...
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    New Shimano EP8 motor

    You stop noticing it with the bosch, just like a bit of chain slap and a lot quieter than a hope pro4 hub
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    Replace forks on a Samebike LO26?

    Take a look at your handlebar stem, if it has two clamping bolts it will be threadless. If it has a single bolt top centre then it will be threaded you need
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    Bosch speed sensor cable routing?
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    Bosch speed sensor cable routing?

    degrease seatpost then carbon assembly paste should sort it
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    Bosch speed sensor cable routing?

    seems like a possibility. remove the length of pipe and apply some carbon assembly grease to the seat post. Is it the original seatpost or aftermarket ?
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    BrakeAce lets mountain bikers know if they're too big on the brakes

    I go totally opposite, I like a lot of modulation. Took me a while to get the Magura MT7 to work like my old Avid Trail XO.
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    What is This!

    Orangeseal comes with a dipstick too. last longer than three months.
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    What is This!
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    Best emtb

    Nice bike and good to see a smaller player with another bike option. The o.nly thing I would have to do, is put a drain hole in the bucket of a battery connection holder. Hearing bad things about the new Whyte e180's having problems with shock damage, census is frame flex causing shockshaft seal...
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    Best emtb

    Just changed from a Giant with a Yamaha motor to a Cube with the Bosch Gen 4 motor. Both used at Bike Park Wales, as it's local. The Yamaha has a very natural feel to the assist levels, only problem I had in the two years was condensation in the display . The Bosch has 5Nm less power, but feels...
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    Inner tubes used this in E Bike and DH bike. Would recommend
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    Haibike hardseven 1.0

    I got fed up of tyres burping so bought some Tannus armour. No punctures and no more burping
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    Shimano XT rear mech snapped