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    Hub Gears

    The key to whether or not they'll work is how responsive the motor is, if it cuts power instantaneously like the bosch/shimano/yamaha motors it should be okay, if there is even the slightest delay it could make for an unrewarding experience.
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    Hub motor and V brakes - how long will the rim last?

    Where you ride and how quickly you ride is the biggest factor, I live and ride some very steep hills in the High Peak of the Peak District. I descend hills at over 50 mph at times for more perspective. My rear rim on my new bike with hydraulic rim brakes wore out in around 8,000 miles, the front...
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    Is this a Genuine company ?

    That was me, I was curious.
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    Help! Best Bike Under £2000 to Derestrict?

    The banter on this forum does make me smile :)
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    Does anyone ride a moped?

    Yes I should have said mine is modded now, does about 70 now, it has ZZR1400 owners saying things like this :)
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    Does anyone ride a moped?

    I'd much rather ride an e-bike than a 30 mph moped, I think they're really dangerous with being so slow.
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    Hi there my name is Gary and 63 and quite new to electric bikes. I wonder he anybody knows about the Carrera Vulcan e bike

    Are you saying the motor assistance is stopping as it should do at 15.5 mph?
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    Canyon Grail:On vs. Specialized Turbo Creo SL Comp Carbon Evo

    If your commute is relatively flat rather than uphill and downhill with gradients of more than 3% then I would imagine your commute is going to be rather frustrating on those bikes with standard assist speeds and actually slower than a nice 8kg racing bike.
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    Anybody got experience of "Juicy" e bikes?

    All the best in retirement Bob. Is the Newtown shop now closed for good?
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    shimano hub gear selector reassembly

    The first bit of this video should help.
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    Regenerative pedalling.

    The most asked question I get asked, Does it charge as you pedal? To which I answer yes I have a dynamo in the front wheel that recharges the battery as I go so I never run out of electric. :p
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    Next! Going from Giant Dirt-E to what? Struggling!

    Sharing the data would be a lot more interesting than a map ;) like
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    Next! Going from Giant Dirt-E to what? Struggling!

    I'm pretty sure the only way you'll keep up with fit riders riding light racing bikes is either on the same type of bike or an ebike with a much higher assist speed. This is probably the closest bike to what you describe and has the best chance of keeping up on an out-the-box bike...
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    Happy eBay E-Biker.....

    A lot of bikes are now using the mudguard instead, reinforced obviously but most have a low 15 kg limit.