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    Help! Hi all, just bought a 'broken' ebike. Some help needed. Falcoln Turbine.

    I`v got some for sale look in classifieds on the left 3 pin julet female never used with magnets still in bags.
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    bafang clutch

    In post #1 I linked another post where I stated that I had changed my controller. This was from lishui to KT I have to say that with the KT set to torque/current control this is so much better than the speed control of the lishui.
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    bafang clutch

    I think you are correct about the lubricant hardening/thickening. Yes and the thought of levering up the center of the plate i`v removed and getting some lubricant in there has occurred to me now I know where all the relevant bits are, or even drilling small holes to lubricate now I have a...
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    bafang clutch

    For those who wonder what`s inside the Bafang hub motor clutch. I have just replaced my misbehaving clutch and although having seen a similar photos on the Webb I thought I`d share mine. Couldn't resist opening it up. I had all the same problems as another member...
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    Strange PAS problem

    was the clutch, I bought a new one installed it and Voilà all`s all back. :)
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    For Sale king-meter lcd 529 48 v

    never sure how this all works but I put in a classified for above item but does not come up in "new classified listings" I can only find it in "Classifieds" on the left. <------<<
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    Strange PAS problem

    I`m having similar problems did you ever resolve it davell. All`s OK so long as I don't stop pedaling or stop completely then to start the pas does not always kick in I can use throttle to initiate from zero and then join in with pas. (All new controller and pas`s 2 of). Sometimes even...
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    OK thanks for the information much appreciated..........
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    can anyone enlighten me about 48v batteries that I see advertised as 5-parallels 13-series cell quantity 65 with different AH`s with Samsung 35E cells? and in general how the AH rating is calculated. just confused. o_O
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    Unpleasant surprise

    someone nicked it more like!
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    Another mid drive
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    Freewheel width

    are your dropouts actually "parallel" to each other and in line with the frame...........
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    SWX02 to Q128h

    I have the same Woosh kit as the OP but would not the OP`s idea be limited by Woosh`s Lishui controller and King Meter KM259 LCD display ??