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  • Hello Flecc. Just found your message! Silly me! I note your comments and will post a similar question in the discussion forum! Best Wishes, Ian.
    Hello. I'm a new member, my first post being last week. In my profile section it says that i have received a message from yourself (Flecc), but I can't find it. Am I doing something wrong or just misunderstanding? Many thanks, Ian.
    Hi, I have recently rescued an old Raleigh with a panasonic motor from a friends back garden. My question is, do you know where I can source/borrow a replacement handle bar controler from as the existing one is faulty? Hopefully I can then fix the switching problem & see if the motor still works. If it does I think it will be worth restoring; if not I will strip it for parts.
    Thanks in advance
    I'm afraid I don't Roger. Panasonic never made any spares available for their motors, other than the two sprockets.
    Okay thanks, I will keep looking. I also really enjoyed reading yourPanasonic website - very interesting & informative.
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    Hi there, I noticed you are an active member. Do you have any idea who/what I should go to/refer to to derestrict a gtech sport ebike? And if not, what timeframe it's likely to be until someone makes this information available for me to refer a mechanic to (or however exactly I would get it derestricted).

    I only need a slightly faster bike, say 20mph (but over is fine of course).

    Thanks : )
    Good afternoon flecc your test list for the Lafree Twist was very helpful. The HALL sensor is at fault. any idea where to find one pls. PeeDee
    Panasonic give out no tech details or provide any spares, so the only chance to get the exact spare is from a failed unit. They mostly fail from other causes. Other wise take Neal's advice and try his recommendations. They are individually very cheap so worth a try. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but Panasonic don't make it easy.
    I don't recognise those mushrooms??
    Sorry JB, I missed your query. They are Dryads Saddles, Polyporus squamosus, but in a very young stage just sprouted and tiny. My photo is a close up. Of course they end up as huge brackets when fully grown out.
    Hi Flecc
    Just a short note of thanks for your Panasonic site. It cured to two problems on my second hand Raleigh Leeds tour. Rubber inner tube cured poor connection and reversing sprocket cured clunky engine noise.
    The sprocket is 9T will a 11T increase speed. I'm getting about 30miles per charge using mid assist on the 24v 26AH battery.
    Glad you found the site helpful. An 11 tooth will raise the assist maximum speed to about 17.5 mph but slightly reduce the hill climb ability in each gear. That just means using a next down gear to get the same climb ability. It might slightly reduce the range, but I can't be certain since so many factors influence that.
    hi flecc,
    after a bit of advice please,
    i have an old cyclamatic powerplus it cuts out when under load (going up hill) switch off the key and on again and it all works then and cuts out again, no issue at all on flat
    i think the controller is duff as the battery is fine,
    any idea what controller i would need to buy to replace it and from where?
    currently saving to buy a newer bike but.........
    That sounds much more like battery Ian, voltage might look ok but collapsing under load as when climbing. Comments box limits words for reply so best post in forum for full advice.
    will do thanks
    Hi sorry i managed to deleat your post in
    thread Raliegh Banana, as i was just replying to you ,so very sorry fingers are not as good as they used to ,i hope you post again very best wishes Brian scarrabri
    Hi Flecc
    You have made reference to your support websites. I like what you post and I'd love to see any sites you have written. I know they may be a bit advanced for me but could you point me to them please?
    Pauline (Lancslass)
    Hi, I saw your page called 'performance' re de-restricting. I have a Kalkhoff bike (tasman) and am wondering about doing this. Do you think the method you describe would be possible? I can't quite work out the details from the photo. There seems to be a magnet attached to the pedal? I don't think I can spin the sensor around in the way you suggest. I can email you a picture if it would help you answer my question?
    Hi Flecc - Do you have an email address I can write to? You can decide if my question is worth posting on the forum - feel a bit daft asking some questions on the open forum!! Steve
    Hi Flecc - I have a number of Kalkhoff bikes - one needs a replacement motor - Agattu 8 gear 2010 - In replacing the motor what the possibility of upgrading the performance? I understand it the same 250W motor can provide assistance up to either 17mph or 28mph - Agattu up to 17 but my Pro connect 10 (with the same 250W motor?) up to 28. So in replacing the motor can i get extra performance? Thank you
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