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    Electric bike virgin

    A throttle is nice, even if you don't use it, because you can power on your bike, lift the wheel, flick the throttle and you know right away if the bike is working. Part of my pre-ride check every day, Don't want to coast down the little hill leaving my place and find there's no power when I...
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    Advice for 20" hubs.

    That is a spoke pattern I've never seen before, but I've not seen much. Must be a radial pattern.
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    Advice for 20" hubs.

    I like how you hid the controller inside the battery! It took me three years to discover what could be done with spiral wrap. I use to throw it away, Then I became a devotee, Bought 30 feet of it for like two dollars. Cut the PAS Disk next time? I do. Yes. Wheelies. Not so much on mine...
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    Battery Ignoramus Question

    His balance connector has 10 wires. The BMS uses the most negative side of the battery for reference. d
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    Battery Ignoramus Question

    (I've edited my post to better match the professed electrical knowledge of the OP, although given what he has done so far in disassembly, I'm sure he could pick up this knowlege. It looks to me like the BMS is wired correct. There should have been a charge connector with its return pin wired to...
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    Will a Direct drive hub work on a KT controller??

    Depending on the KT controller/LCD, you might get more levels of pedal assist, with better granularity and response, except I don't know that the big direct drive motors are any fun to pedal around if they have fast windings.
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    Advice for 20" hubs.

    If you are not buying the wheels spoked, the common practice of alternate in/out spokes doesn't work well. The in-facing spokes are bowed and don't touch at the cross like they should. I first did both wheels like this, but didn't like it. Tore them apart and respoked with all spokes facing out...
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    Advice for 20" hubs.

    No need to bend the frame if your customer can live with one less gear. On a Q100, the OLD spacing of 135mm is determined by a bushing and nut under the freewheel. Loosen the nut, file down the bushing, and use a thinner freewheel. This pic is a Q128, but it works he same way,
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    Advice for 20" hubs.

    I thought it was the hinge, but glad to know that I'm wrong. Is it the weld where the downtube meets the head tube, given that most folders have no top tube. Our folders. Mine is the yellow.
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    Advice for 20" hubs.

    I see that now. A quirk of the lens which makes the front wheel look smaller also confused me. I have the Q100H 260 rpm motors (36V) on our folders. Bought bare motors from BMSbattery to save on shipping. Spoked them into 36H rims with Saphim Strong spokes which are 13G at both ends and 14G in...
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    Advice for 20" hubs.

    Interesting bikes with 20" front and 26" rear. If I were doing a bike for someone else, it would be a rear wheel, as I don't want the responsibility of a front hub motor coming loose. At best, it only breaks all the wires. At worst, someone gets hurt. I've got a low power front hub on an alloy...
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    Ridiculous battery prices

    How many cells in a Tesla. 5000-7000? In a car, the cost of the 18650 cells is the major portion of the cost of goods, so as the price per cell came down, less $/KWh. You have 40 to 78 cells in an ebike battery. The cost of labor, case, connectors, and BMS is a larger component. Also, margin...
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    Woosh Criticise my bike build and battery security concern

    I suppose it's cold where you ride at the moment.. Keep an eye on the controller temperature when summer comes, as they like to have some airflow. A smaller battery won't have the reserve current you need to go fast, so I think you would miss your battery should you downsize.
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    hall sensors

    Fascinating. And nice work in disassembky.
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    Help identifying rear hub motor please

    Not all are potted. This first one is in a Hailong pack too. I can't see the capacitor voltages, but it does have a shunt. Again, if buying a bigger battery, might as well get the whole thing with a 48V controller. Most external controllers look ugly like a wart on an ebike, especia;;y if...