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    Ebike Conversions and towing child trailer

    I briefly towed my grand daughter with a BBS02 on an old mountain bike. With the mid drive, I didn't have to worry about drilling out the hitch hole, or having the assenbly causing my hubmotor to come loose. On flat ground, there is so little resistance that I got a second mirror to point at...
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    Help with kt controller

    You have C3 as 8? C3 sets the PAS level on power-up. The Dillinger LCD manual has a funny note .. "The setting range for the C3 parameters are 0-8 (0-5 are only used)/ Production errors produced additional settings of 6-8." I believe setting C4 =3 with P4=0 gives you always on throttle, but I'm...
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    BBS02 750W Kit Advise

    Always thought that the BBS02 was the same case as a BBS01, but with a 49V controller, and that they put in higher current MOSFET's with "750" just being a marketing ploy by some middlemen, I get 25mph on throttle with a 48V10AH pack on my BBS02 750 kit, purchased in 2016, but if I want to go...
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    Is it ok to stack a lot of washers on the flange?

    FYI, I was doing this a few weeks ago, using soft steel washers. Needed two washers, but when I torqued up the axle, the inside washer deformed, and hit the inside of the freewheel. Then I ground off some metal off the washer, and it collapsed under torque and the 2nd one hit. Ha. I finally...
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    Very stylish and lightweight new E-bike on preoder now

    I'll grant them a 4A charger, so two hours could refill a 8AH battery. Maybe a 3P pack, I could probably squeeze out 43 miles on 8AH, pedaling a single gear at 12 mph. I admit I know little about metal forming, Seems like who ever has to weld the front and back of that frame better be well...
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    Hall sensor voltage

    Hopefully those with local UK knowledge will advise on where to get them if needed.
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    Hall sensor voltage

    As long as you have it apart, trace continuity from the ends of the Hall sensor wires to the sensor leads. Each sensor has three leads. I believe each sensor will have one lead going to green, yellow or blue. They will have one lead going tor red and one lead going to black. If you have...
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    New Hailong integrated controller not as good as I hoped

    I know the sound of a square wave controller, having started with several. This was more of a growl coming out of a sine wave controller. I couldn't return it because I had already run my 9 pin motor cable inside and soldered it up. Makes for a more compact install, and having the wires inside...
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    New Hailong integrated controller not as good as I hoped

    Have you ridden the bike with either controller? I had a 20Am 6FET KT sine wave model (external) that sounded quite smooth with wheel off the ground, but it made a noise like your internal unit when riding. I had built two bikes with identical Q100H motor and controllers. The other one was...
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    Dahon Ciao (or similar Step-thru folding bike) conversion

    I've converted three 20" folders and one minivello. None of these were intended to be carried around or folded regularly. The smaller bikes were just more convenient to carry to far away places in my car, and my wife like their handling. A Q100H is a little less than 2.3Kg (5 pounds). I've...
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    False crossbar for carrying e.bikes on a bike carrier

    I never liked these false bars even on regular bikes. I always had visions of the seat posts coming off, so I would add something extra to hold the bar to the frame if the seat pulled out, or strap that bike to its neighbor.
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    Kt controller problem.

    If you had a KT connected properly, but no motor connected, the display would power up. Then if the throttle were connected, activating throttle would give you an Error 03, which is listed as "sensor abnormality". It can't detect one or more of the three Hall Sensors. Having the 4.6V power does...
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    LCD / Display choices

    Displays are designed for specific controller families. Bafang works with bafang contollrers. KT diplays with KT controllers. Lishui with Lishui. If one want accurate speed ratings, then install an inexpensive bike commuter. They input the wheel circumference to the nearest cm.
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    New Conversion kit launching

    My first conversion was a rear hub motor and uneventful. Second one was a BBS02, memorable because the crank arms were fused to the BB spindle. Took a whole day to remove. At my age, I've learned some patience. My current conversion(s) involve two wheel builds. Looking at 1/2" in wobble and...
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    New Conversion kit launching

    Why is lengthening a chain a non-starter for a kit? One needs a chain breaker to remove the front derailleur anyway on a mid drive install. Then you have to add some extra links. I guess it does add cost, and maybe a reseller will need to supply a full length chain with the kit to keep it complete.