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    Error 06 on KT-controller

    Of course, you're correct, Vr. That bike was front drive, so the cables went naturally went up along the top downtube, plus I thought the controller was safe inside a box. Alas, water from the rear wheel splashed up behind the seat, and ran down the wires. Yep. That's why motor cables point down...
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    Error 06 on KT-controller

    PSWpower 20A sinewave model. I've had an occasional Error 06 when powering it up in the morning. Shaking the connector bundle on the controller, and wiggling the 9 pin Julet connector to the motor always cleared it. Last night, I happened to look down and see the controller registering over...
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    Help! Clunking noise inside the hub motor.

    I'm told the DD magnet drag isn't so bad when you're riding, and I have test ridden some 500W DD motors bike a few years ago and they coasted OK. Maybe the controllers on those bikes kept a little current in the windings. I've read that a tiny bit of throttle lets you pedal a 1000W motor nice...
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    Help with PAS connection...

    I would first like to measure 5V between the red/black on the connector coming from the controller to make sure they weren't messing things up. Then I'd get the female connector and align red-red, black-black, and white to yellow, If you can't get a matching female connector (from an ebike...
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    Bafang gear sensor

    I have a bafang 750W install w/o a gear sensor. For street riding, I have no need to be shifting while accelerating, so I'm fine.
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    speed limited controller or display?

    Zoom zoom then. I guess you are not really running this thing as a motor driven wheelchair?
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    speed limited controller or display?

    I would think that the motor control features which allow a KT controller to do fine movements needed for a wheelchair are mainly in the controller. In the ebike world, there is a speed limit override available in the first user programmable screens on an LCD3. I bet your LCD3 is locked out to...
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    Pedal backwards...go forwards

    I've been there with the backward pedals. I flipped the magnet disk around. It worked right.
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    Electric bike virgin

    A throttle is nice, even if you don't use it, because you can power on your bike, lift the wheel, flick the throttle and you know right away if the bike is working. Part of my pre-ride check every day, Don't want to coast down the little hill leaving my place and find there's no power when I...
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    Advice for 20" hubs.

    That is a spoke pattern I've never seen before, but I've not seen much. Must be a radial pattern.
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    Advice for 20" hubs.

    I like how you hid the controller inside the battery! It took me three years to discover what could be done with spiral wrap. I use to throw it away, Then I became a devotee, Bought 30 feet of it for like two dollars. Cut the PAS Disk next time? I do. Yes. Wheelies. Not so much on mine...
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    Battery Ignoramus Question

    His balance connector has 10 wires. The BMS uses the most negative side of the battery for reference. d
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    Battery Ignoramus Question

    (I've edited my post to better match the professed electrical knowledge of the OP, although given what he has done so far in disassembly, I'm sure he could pick up this knowlege. It looks to me like the BMS is wired correct. There should have been a charge connector with its return pin wired to...
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    Will a Direct drive hub work on a KT controller??

    Depending on the KT controller/LCD, you might get more levels of pedal assist, with better granularity and response, except I don't know that the big direct drive motors are any fun to pedal around if they have fast windings.
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    Advice for 20" hubs.

    If you are not buying the wheels spoked, the common practice of alternate in/out spokes doesn't work well. The in-facing spokes are bowed and don't touch at the cross like they should. I first did both wheels like this, but didn't like it. Tore them apart and respoked with all spokes facing out...