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    Rear hub motor recommendations for cycle courier bike

    How about one of these/
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    Cannot make my New Oxygen S-Cross MTB do more than 20mph.

    It was about £100 in total, but I did go for the most expensive (colour) display, so you could probably save about £30 by going for another type. It wasn't difficult to do, I soldered most wires, and shrink tube covered them, but you could use connectors if preferred. The worst bit was getting...
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    Cannot make my New Oxygen S-Cross MTB do more than 20mph.

    I had the same problem, and I didn't like the display either! I don't think there's any way to change the speed on this version, or to add a throttle. I found 15 mph was frustrating, as the motor just cuts out too soon. I found the only way was to change the controller and the display + PAS...
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    Help! Help me climb these hills please!

    Ahh, it's the gearchange then- just looked like a throttle at first glance!
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    Help! Help me climb these hills please!

    Looks like it's already got a throttle
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    Oxygen s-cross mk2 4 digit code

    Mine (S Cross MTB MkIII) is at the top of the battery, but not sure if the CB is the same? I used the (KT) T-06S controller, with a KT LCD8S display.
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    Oxygen s-cross mk2 4 digit code

    Hi- it's not particularly difficult (a bit fiddly perhaps), but if you're ok with wiring the controller up, (which will involve either soldering, or using connectors), then it's not difficult. Probably the most challenging bit was getting the new controller and the wiring back into the cavity in...
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    Press request! Has your electric bike seen you drive less trips/distance?

    I'm 68 years of age, and bought my new Oxygen S Cross MTB MkIII mainly as a means of getting my fitness back after contracting Covid 19, and afterwards having reduced lung function. My thinking was that I could get valuable exercise, and if I was struggling, could then use electric power to...
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    How to get higher top speed

    Agreed! There's an old saying, 'don't bite the hand that feeds you'. Insulting one of the most helpful people on this forum is really shooting yourself in the foot!
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    Battery do i expect to much

    So why do you have an ebike?
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    wisper 806

    Somebody put an advert for one on those on here today for £1650! 100 miles on it
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    How to get higher top speed

    Some people just come on forums to wind people up, then wonder why they don't get any help! Not a good way to start off I feel
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    Neighbor asked me not to lock our ebikes, and then insisted that we don't

    Tell him to go away in jerky movements! I find it (very) hard to believe that any cleaner is going to be concerned about cleaning under a bicycle! If the bloke doesn't own the place, it's got absolutely nothing to do with him, he really needs to get a life.
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    Oxygen s-cross mk2 4 digit code

    I asked them when I first got mine, as was told that there was (now) no way to change the speed settings