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    Kalkoff Pro Connect questions

    i purchased a new pro connect approx 6-7 years ago. Just then we made a move and the bike was packed up and put in storage until our new house was completed. My question is: 1. How do I determine if the battery is still good, ie : will hold a charge and charge up to its full value. The bike...
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    Need new folding pedelecs

    I currently have a Kalkoff Pro Connect S, and am extremely happy with it, but I need to urgently buy two more bikes, and have no ideas what the best would be. These are for my partner and his wife, and price is not an issue, they are more concerned with quality and performance. I need one of...
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    E-Bike Of The Year 2009?

    My vote is for: Kalkoff Pro Connect "S"
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    New fast German e-bike or motorcycle??

    Grace hand assembled in Berlin/Biesenthal. Grace boasts a water-tight / ultra-light CNC-Aluminum frame, a 1300-watt motor, lithium-ion batteries, a 40 30 MPH speed, a range of up to 31 miles, and a one-hour recharge time. Looks good enough for a Kraftwerk video, although you'd better steer...
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    New Ducatti Electric Bike

    Just saw this new Ducatti electric bike. Do not know the cost, but I like how they integrated the battery. the specifications for the City Pearl are right in line with other comparable electric bicycles. Power comes from a six-volt 9Ah Panasonic lithium ion battery pack and motivation comes...
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    How to best store seldom used ProConnect battery

    I am in process of moving, and probably will not be using the new ProConnect S as much as I like, maybe not for weeks at a time. To best keep the battery, is it best to: 1. Leave it charged in the bike 2. Leave it charged off of the bike 3.Leave it discharged in the bike 4. Leave it...
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    New carbon Fiber Sanyo Bike

    Has anyone heard about this bike? Just saw it on Engadget: Sanyo's new eneloop bike gets carbon fiber frame, traction control brain by Tim Stevens, posted Jul 27th 2009 at 9:49AM Carbon fiber, with its light weight and high strength, is the material upon which the modern motorsports...
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    Pro Connect S arrives Fine!

    I received my ProConnect S replacement last week, and just had an opportunity to ride it today. The driveway was being demolished, so it was hard to get it out beofre. The first ride seemed strange, since whenever I changed the gears, I did not feel much of a change. Then after awhile I...
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    ProConnect S owners- Need help.

    I just checked it again, the model of the charger is NJK044B , 220-240 Volts. Strange that mine for the US would be different.
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    ProConnect S owners- Need help.

    Fecn: No, the charger says : INPUT AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 62W So this is definately a 220v only charger. I will try and contact 50cycles.
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    ProConnect S owners- Need help.

    I just received my new ProConnect S (2nd bike). For those of you in the US, is the charger a 220volt model only?? I have started to charge the battery, but in 2 hours, non of the 5 lites have gone out. I now plugged it into a 220 voilt transformer, and will see if it works with 220 power...
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    ProConnect S arrives damaged !

    50Cycles came through and shipped me my new ProConnect S within a few days, and in less than a week I now have the new bike! I thank 50Cycles for their excellent service! The bike came packed in a double box, no holes and as I open the box, I will see if thgere are any problems. None found so...
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    ProConnect S arrives damaged !

    I have to clear up that I am in the US , so its a much longer distance than to someone in the UK. I think the problem is that the boxes are too flimsy, and need to be double-boxed or put in a double thickness corrugated box. I ship all the time, and the boxes we use here are much sturdier. I...
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    ProConnect S arrives damaged !

    After 8 months wait, my ProConnect S arrived today. The DHL courier was even ashamed to bring the box to the door, but when he did, there were approx 2 larges holes and 3-4 large gashes in the box, with the rear of the bike showing thru one hole. Bent bike racj, fender, rim, etc. DHL said to...
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    Just out of the Box: Proconnects 2009.

    Thanks for all the info and photos. Mine is in customs now, and awaiting delivery soon! Did the bike come with the computer and mirror? I now see what you mean about all the cabling, from the pictures. This is going to be a bigger shock to see the bike for me, as I have never seen or ridden a...