Need new folding pedelecs


Aug 17, 2008
I currently have a Kalkoff Pro Connect S, and am extremely happy with it, but I need to urgently buy two more bikes, and have no ideas what the best would be. These are for my partner and his wife, and price is not an issue, they are more concerned with quality and performance. I need one of each type:

1. Folding E-Bike with preferably as many gears as possible (20+) ?? and a real throttle system, not just walk with assist as in Kalkoff.

2. Regular ebike, similiar to Kalkoff models, but also with "real" throttle, which you can use to power the bike if necessary.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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Jul 9, 2010
Aberaeron, West Wales
Unfortunately when I designed my members bikes spreadsheet I neglected to include a column for bike type. If I had I could have given you a list of members who have folders - I'm sure someone who has a folder will reply soon! ... Don't know what folder is considered the best regardless of whether it is electric or not ... but if it was me, and money was no object, I would get the best folder and then electrify it.


Oct 25, 2006
Nothing on the market fits your first need for a folding bike with so many gears. However, since it's gear range that's more important than the actual number, you could buy a Dahon with the Rohloff 14 speed hub which has just about the widest range of all. Then the Electric Wheel Company could fit it with their front hub motor kit.

Not cheap, but definitely very good.

There are very few full size independent throttle bikes now, and I can't recommend a high quality one matching the Kalkhoff offhand. Again the bike plus kit approach might be best for the optimum quality.
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May 13, 2009
For some years I have owned a Dahon Impulse 20" folder which has Sachs 3x7 gearing. I recently electrified it with a $118 Q85 36v conversion kit from BMS Battery. The kit was very easy to fit & completed in an afternoon - the motor width is 85mm so no modifications to the forks were required. I didn't bother fitting the pedal sensor & fitted a twist throttle instead of the thumb throttle supplied. The battery I use is a 36v Ping strapped in a bag on the rack, which I also use on other bikes, but any 36v battery could be used.

Although I don't think 21+ gears are necessary on any ebike the higher gearing that the Sachs 3x7 system can give on a small wheel bike is very useful - it never comes out of 'high' range now it's electrified.

I have to say that this conversion has exceeded my expectations & so far I am very pleased with it. It doesn't affect the folding at all & the motor is very willing, topping out around 18mph on the flat. It's also small, light & free wheels very well with no perceptible drag. I have tried a Tongxin on a Brompton & would say the Q85 is more powerful, although noisier. Time will tell if it is more robust.

I'm not sure if the Impulse with the Sachs 3xX is in the current Dahon line up but old stock of previous years models often crop up at reasonable prices. There was a 'boxed & new' old model 3x7 Impulse on ebay a few weeks ago with a BIN price around £330 - later years were 3x8. CH White & Son might be worth trying - good range of Dahons, including their own electric conversions.



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Nov 8, 2010
Have you looked at the Batribike Quartz Folder ? I have had the lower powered SE Model for over a year with no problems . It is beautifully finished and would grace any mantlepiece .