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    I use a golf sun visor which I've attached to my helmet with small cable ties. This has worked successfully for several years. It's not beautiful but I'm not bothered about appearances. Hope this helps. Jim
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    Help! Delivery options ebike

    I used Paisley Freight a few years ago without a problem.
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    How effective is "slime" at preventing punctures?

    As I have reported on a previous occasion, a slimed tube in my front wheel saved me from a 5 mile walk home as it was getting dark a few years ago. I had picked up a hawthorn cutting from a hedge. Slime can be used in Presta valves which have a removeable core. Hope this helps. Jim
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    Motorised scooter 1916

    This appeared in today's Telegraph. I thought it might be of interest. Jim
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    Pedelec Law - The Details

    An excellent post Flecc, thank you. Also many thanks for the sensible advice you have posted over the years; I know I and many others have benefitted from it over the years. Jim
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    Hi Jamie, It's a 53cm. Price negotiable around £2800. Hope this helps. jim

    Hi Jamie, It's a 53cm. Price negotiable around £2800. Hope this helps. jim
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    Riese and Müller Supercharger

    In case it's of interest to you, I have a Supercharger GX Rohloff, which I bought new from OnBike in March, 2018. I will be selling the bike in the next two or three weeks as I am awaiting the delivery of a new Supercharger 2, again from OnBike. The only reason for the change is that I have...
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    If I gave these tyres do o need slime?

    I had Kenda tyres on my first ebike and had a few punctures. I had Schwalbe tyres with slimed tubes on my last bike and the slime worked well when I got a hawthorn puncture 5 miles from home as it was getting dark. I have Schwalbe Moto X slimed tubes on my current (and last!) ebike and so far so...
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    First bicycle road accident tonight.

    Glad you're OK Neal. Deplorable reaction by onlookers and, even worse, by police! Jim
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    Electric Delivery Bikes

    I wonder if the misspelling in "PeddleSMART" is intentional :( Jim
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    Sending an ebike

    Try Paisleyfreight. I've used them successfully at reasonable cost. Jim
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    eMTB owners photo and ride thread.

    Superb photos! I've walked up there (long time ago) but I doubt if I could get up there on my R&M Supercharger. Jim
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    Panasonic compact rear hub motor.

    I'm sure it will be compatible. I had an E-Style P and considered buying the 562Wh battery. I was advised by my dealer that the batteries were interchangeable, the problem (at that time - some years ago) would be obtaining the 562 Wh battery. I eventually bought the E-StreetP. Hope this helps. Jim
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    Real Bicycle Bells

    I remember paying 4/6 (4 shillings and sixpence), (22.5 pence) per gallon for "premium" petrol in the early '60s and thinking that was expensive! Flecc will be along in a minute with an even lower price :) Mind you my weekly wage at that time was less than £9.00. Jim
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    Battery charging

    Hi Phil, I've just taken my 2 Bosch Powertube batteries off charge. They were charging for about 2 hours using what looks like the same charger you have. As usual the charger was warm but couldn't be described as hot. Jim