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    E-scooters for hire in Birmingham from next week - These are the rules..

    Two hundred machines will be in the city centre and can be used on roads with 30mph limit or less. :eek...
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    Would it be hard to ride my e-bike while wearing filtered earplugs? Is it legal?

    That's not true I'm afraid. You can drive whilst wearing a helmet, headphones or earpieces, use a hands free bluetooth set to hold a conversation, blast out your music choice, and even be deaf whilst driving. All without penalty or lawful impediment. :)
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    Question about Walk Assist on Shimano Steps

    Use a bulldog clip to hold the walk assist button in, it helps a lot. :)
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    Finally took the plunge

    Have a look at your local area on google earth. It's handy for finding trails. Enjoy your bikes. :)
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    Suspension seat post advice please

    @mermeo29 What's up with your legs? How long are they? :) My 'not very tall' 8 year old grandson has no problem riding my ebike with a suspension seatpost fitted. Springs compress with weight on them, so there's not much more of a height raise over a regular seatpost there. Generally...
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    DVLA registration of an electric bike in Northern Ireland

    Do you know about this yet @Andrewscotsman ?
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    Thank God for walk mode and throttles!

    Leisure ebike riding up the woods today. :D
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    Giant full e flashing segment

    Is it not just displaying the portion of the battery that is in use at the time?
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    New Bike has arrived

    Great looking bike. Define 'more power' please. :)
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    Is my ebike legal on the road

    My better half wasn't too keen on ebiking until I showed her where the throttle was. :)
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    Birmingham to trial e-scooters in revolutionary UK scheme
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    Went over 1000 mile yesterday!

    That's some battery you have there! :D
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    Ebike training for dogs and kids.

    A lockdown leisure ride. :)