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  • Hello Michael, I am new to this site and on checking discussions re upgrading the LPX battery on my Salisbury I see that in 2019 you upgraded yours to 17Ah using Panasonic Cells. Did it improve the performance? Can you recall where you purchased the cells and could you describe the procedure to do it.
    I hope you can advise, Thanks, Bob
    Michael Price
    Yes - I did upgrade it and it made a huge difference - well worth doing especially if your current battery is getting a bit low on range
    However, I didn;t do it myself as I have never been good at soldering etc. I got it done by this company - https://ebikebatteries.co.uk/ - they have a good reputation on the site - although they go by several names and have only started using the current name recently
    scrambler Bob
    Hi Michael, Thanks for the quick response. I will contact your link as I would be concerned about wiring correctly etc. I'll let you know how I go on. Cheers, Bob
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