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    Brexit, for once some facts.

    Eugenics in various forms have been around since the dawn of time. Many societies routinely exposed new born children to ensure that only the fittest survived. Nobody is suggesting copying the Nazis and murdering handicapped people. I am sorry, but there is too much knee jerk reaction to this...
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    Brexit, for once some facts.

    Being related to desperately handicapped kids who should never have been born, I see the misery that eugenics could have avoided. It might not be well known, but the Muscular Dystrophy defect is carried on the X chromosome (ie the female line) and the counselling given to families has for many...
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    1961 motocomfort mobylette

    I had one in 1960 Dreadful machine, badly under-powered compared with NSU Quickly, no gears, so called automatic clutch which meant that you had to pedal it up to 4 mph before the clutch would engage, rear light was tiny and did not comply with UK law.
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    Mid Drive for off trail and Hub Motor for flat commutes, true or false?

    As far as I know, WD40 was developed to protect the aluminium outside of rockets in the 1950s
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    Which UK couriers will ship a battery?

    Are batteries getting safer? I have lithium batteries in so many devices these days without problems, whereas in the early days of vaping I had one explode when being recharged.
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    Brexit, for once some facts.

    I thought that you were opposed to Brexit?
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    Mid Drive for off trail and Hub Motor for flat commutes, true or false?

    Exactly what broke? ie did both fish plates break or was it a rivet that came out?
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    Ban on UK ic car sales brought forward to 2035

    Well I am going to get an electric car next time. I realised that all my car journeys are within the City and I just do not need a long range car because for long journeys I have a campervan which is also much more comfortable.
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    Short front mudguards

    I was looking at the latest edition of Cycling (CTC magazine) and noticed so many of the bikes in it had front mudguards that ended way above the riders shoes. This seems to be the latest fad, even the Francis Barnett ebike, a traditional style cycle has a short front mudguard. Yet a quick look...
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    Petition to legalizing throttle only eBikes for the disabled

    How old is a ebike anyway? If you put a new motor and throttle on a vintage bike does it age date from when it became an ebike, or is it deemed pre 2016 anyway? As pointed out above, unlike no MOT cases in which the prosecution have to prove the age of the vehicle and do so by date of first...
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    BBS02 (Old Type Controller) broken, wiring help.

    Besides the virus, it is currently the Chinese new moon holiday and all goods from China are delayed.
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    Brexit, for once some facts.

    Personally, I cannot see that any politician would be willing to pick up 'Another Brexit referendum' after all the recent trauma caused by the last one. Anyway, the Labour Party know that Brexit split away their traditional Northern and Welsh working class voters from their Southern Middle class...
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    Brexit, for once some facts.

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    Guy on Facebook said Police took a ride on his bike ?

    Why are you all getting so annoyed and worked up? Allegedly, someone we don't know posted something on facebook. Was it true? Did he tell the whole story or his sanitised version off events?
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    Brexit, for once some facts.

    You should be ashamed of making fun of people with disabilities/deformities. Cretinism is a disease.