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    Having a front hub motor and a rear hub motor on the same bike ?

    see if you can get one large battery made rather than having 2 separate ones if it works? Sounds like a good plan
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    Not used for three months

    We left our bikes for about 5 or 6 months in the garage not used due to being fair weather riders (yep and no guilt, just honesty ) with no bad effect on the battery. Just put on charge before we used them again for a few hours. Regards Rob.
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    Bafang mid mount motor

    750 miles done on the bike now. Loving it..!
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    Bafang mid mount motor

    Well its been a while, as im a bit of a fair weather rider..! Went out on the bike on Sunday and again it was faultless. Battery had been charged last September so i put it on charge for a few hours before i went out and it performed perfectly. Only did 12 miles or so but it was great to get...
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    Cyclist with 80cc engine on their mountain bike failed to stop for police then fell into a bush

    I mentioned seeing a couple of these locally and I fear it is bringing unwanted attention to ebikes. They are noisy as hell and I have seen them being ridden on the pavement so there is no place for them. Probably a bit contradictory as my motor is not street legal but I ride it sensibly and...
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    Battery charge cycles

    I had a good look at the sheep and their fleeces looked thicker than I had thought the other day so they should be OK for the winter. You can get locked up for that you know...! Worrying sheep..!
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    Petrol driven bike!

    Spookily enough in the last 2 weeks when I have been out on my bike I have seen these things buzzing about in the Rochdale area. Sounded like a strimmer engine or similar. I did not see how they went as they were just crossing both times at a pedestrian crossing while I was stopped at the...
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    Bafang mid mount motor

    500 miles in..Weather has been terrible last week or so but still loving it..! ( I have done 100 or more miles on the wifes bike as well ). Nothing has fallen off or come loose . Looks like my safe range with the battery is certainly 35 miles or so which is probably enough for me. I am 100kg and...
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    First attempt ebike conversion

    show us some pics. Job done, enjoy it.
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    First attempt ebike conversion

    Also the tag on the washer I think should be at the open end of the drop out. I cant see the tab on yours so is it on the wrong way round and maybe not letting the axle seat in far enough? Others on here may be able to clarify for you. Put some more pics of washer in situ so you can get more...
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    First attempt ebike conversion

    I would say no torque arm on is certainly a problem so definitely get one on , or two. I believe it can rip the wiring harness out as well if it spins out of so be careful with it.
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    First attempt ebike conversion

    Did you not get any torque arms with the kit? And there is usually some special shaped washes to help it stop spinning out as well.
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    Bafang mid mount motor

    So nearly 400 miles done on the bike now. Loving it. Thought I would upgrade the front disc and put new pads in. Did the same for the wifes bike while I was at it.
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    Portable Soldering Iron

    Aldi are doing a portable butane soldering iron at the moment. £12.99 i think.
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    Project 2. Rear Hub Kit

    Well that didnt go to plan...! After going on a ride with the wife at the weekend i decided to do the 33 miler again on my own on Monday to see how fast i could get round it. Knocked about 17 mins off the time on my Bafanged bike. Decided today that i would do it again to see how fast i could...