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    Fiido D4S or Estarli E20

    Himo Z20 might be worth you having a look at as well. As I have posted on another thread my neighbours bought a couple earlier in the year and having had a look at them they seem pretty well specced for the money. They've been pleased and have no issues so far .
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    In my 60s and not ridden for decades

    What about having a look at the Fiido D4S 20" wheel folder at around £700 on Amazon (or better the Fiido D11 although thats just under the £1000). Also there is the Himo Z20 folder at around £800. My neighbours (both in their 60s) bought a couple and have been very pleased with them and have...
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    Help! Newbie looking for my first hybrid ebike

    Have a look at the Ampere Tourer S (looks great in the Teal colour) or if you want a full stepthrough the Ampere Deluxe. We've just bought the Tourer and Tourer S from the EcoBikeCo and had great service from Jarred. Seem to be good spec bikes for the money. Weigh around 22kg incl battery so...
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    Heads up. Leon NCM Moscow back in stock

    Just had email saying that NCM Moscow in both black and white are back in stock if anyone's been waiting
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    Zefal Dooback 2 Rear View Mirror Review

    Fitted the Doobacks at the weekend...certainly makes a big difference being able to see a decently wide view behind me. Very pleased with them so thanks for the heads up Pentium (or whatever you seem to be being called now....what did i miss???)
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    Help! Himo z20, Fido d4s/d2s or second hand Woosh Rambletta? Budget Folding E-bike advice wanted please!!

    For a bit of info my neighbours have just bought themselves a couple of Himo Z20's (they got them via Amazon in case of any issues). They are very pleased with them and find them comfortable, especially as the 20" wheels and fairly wide chunky tyres help minimise the bumps in the roads. Their...
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    Zefal Dooback 2 Rear View Mirror Review

    This thread seems to be getting a bit risqué with me talking about lube and you mentioning washing up liquid helping insertion . Ooooh Matron :D
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    Zefal Dooback 2 Rear View Mirror Review

    Just ordered 2 Dooback2s for our bikes from Fawkes Cycles for £7.65 each. Added in some lube and glueless puncture repair patches, both of which I need anyway, to bring it just over £20 and so qualify for free postage. Hope the mirrors are as good as Pentium says.
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    Bike Insurance

    Apologies to whoever posted it originally. Still pay it forward is always good
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    Bafang BBS01b throttle speed test - Dahon Helios P8 (old version)

    Kendo that's a memory. Good ol days of Sat afternoon wrestling with Kent Walton and the pantomime wrestling of Mick McManus, Jackie Pallo, Les Kellett, The Royale Brothers (the only ones that looked like they might be fit enough to be proper wrestlers), Big Daddy and Giant...
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    All set and ready for ebike adventures

    All set and ready for ebike adventures
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    Bike Insurance

    It does seem that you can take out Bike Insurance as a separate product without having to have their home or buildings products...odd I know. "Choose from our range of independent, specialised covers that you can add to your policy any time. Enjoy a multi-cover discount – the more covers you...
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    Bike Insurance

    Anybody come across any issues with the Barclays bike insurance. It just seems remarkable value given you can take it out without having a main home policy and that it covers TPL as well. £20 for both our bikes vs £110-130plus with the usual standalone ebike insurers. Just surprised it...
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    Is this a Genuine company ?

    David Thanks for coming on and confirming the legitimacy of Electric Rider. I think it was fair enough to question their credentials given what was available to judge them on but you, as a reputable and well respected supplier, vouching for them clears the issues. In which case I wish ER...
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    Where Do You Live V2.0

    Thanks. And the bikes arrived this afternoon so I guess my job tomorrow is setting them up ready for our test ride :D