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    BMSBattery sucessful purchase

    Update - After 8 years of faultless usage I have just replaced it with the latest frog battery currently on offer from Bmsbattery - 24v, 17.5Ah for £214 delivered.
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    Full Throttle ebike legal again!

    Hi David, Good news and well done, perhaps they could be now be included by the government as part of the mobility allowance scheme as they are now classified as motor vehicles and the extra purchasing charge be able to be recovered by disadvantaged users under the scheme.
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    L1e-A testing requirements

    Link to latest minutes and agenda for next meeting:
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    Advice for disabled rider on steep climbs - realistic?

    hi stuck indoors - welcome to the forum Although limited to on road only check out the L1Ee-A options now coming online: L1e-A | Rad Power Bikes Europe - Rad Power Bikes EU You will have to check out the latest UK legal requirements to use these powered cycles on UK roads. Registration | Rad...
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    L1e-A testing requirements

    Asking for industry stakeholder input regarding investigation into 4 times power limit - L1e-B vehicles.
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    L1e-A testing requirements

    Latest meeting agenda: Assistance factor and exemptions on cycles designed to pedal discussed.
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    Taichung Bike Week

    Taichung Bike Week 2018 daily guides
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    Brexit, for once some facts.

    no worries daveboy We have got a Donk.
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    Be careful what you post.
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    Brexit, for once some facts.
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    Brexit, for once some facts.

    Hard facts can't be manipulated, unlike the value of the pound. No deal likely due to immovable stances on both sides - the PM has just endorsed his point.
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    Brexit, for once some facts.

    not all the news:
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    Brexit, for once some facts.

    @36.00 minutes Check out the current PM's nodding dog rear parcel shelf impression prior to this statement
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    Brexit, for once some facts.
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    Electric flight