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    Sore wrist help.

    I've fitted something like this: to several of my bikes and found it the ideal way to address issues like yours. Easily fitted and perfectly safe. The only caveat is that they also effectively move the bars back slightly...
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    Help! Dongle on latest Bosch or Yamaha? Been told the software can tell.

    No, it simply slides over the sensor and is a push fit over the round pick up. They recommend that you move the magnet a few mm from the sensor and turn it round 90 degrees, but that's also easy. My BadAss 3 has a rubber band securing it. I think the latest version is even simpler.
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    Help! Help me climb these hills please!

    My suggestion would be for the Cube you listed above. I've recently sold a bike with a very similar drive train (an Ortler Wien 7-speed). The Active Line/Shimano Nexus combination worked very well together. The PowerPack 400 battery should see you achieve your range goals. I've got a Cube now...
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    Another perk for your Member of Parliament.

    Why? Sounds a bit dog in the manger-ish to me...
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    Another perk for your Member of Parliament.

    I have exactly the same 'perk' at my work. My MP - a very good one at that - used his bike for constituency duties and claimed what he was entitled to, only for the Scum/Sun to harangue him for doing so. There's no story here - move on...
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    Bosch Battery Conundrum

    The battery charge display is one of my few Intuvia gripes. If I have two bars showing, that could be anything between 40% and 21%. That's quite a disparity. Why didn't they just put a percentage display, or have 10 bars?
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    Advice on which e-bike to buy

    My only advice would be to steer you away from a mountain bike. The ride geometry will have you leaning more forward than you might be comfortable with and you'll need to hold your head up more, putting strain on neck and shoulder muscles that won't have had that strain put upon them for a...
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    Help! Oxygen eMate Revival - Electrics Replacement Guidance Needed, Please

    My Oxygen eMate is fine mechanically, but was always flaky electrically. As a result, it's sat unused in a garage for 2 years. To get it going again, I'll need to replace the entire electrical system, of course. I want to get it going again to use off road. My Cube Kathmandu Pro is a superb...
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    A random thread for things too unimportant for their own thread...

    I've just had an eBay help person ask me to 'bare with him'. Luckily, I'm only wearing shorts...
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    A random thread for things too unimportant for their own thread...

    I doubt whether there are many on this forum of that age, and those here should know the difference between pedal and peddle. Textspeak is intentionally lazy and I expect short cuts there - I have teenage kids.
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    A random thread for things too unimportant for their own thread...

    It irks me that on a cycling forum so many people cannot spell 'pedal'. 'Peddle' and 'peddling' mean selling stuff. No big deal, I suppose, but then it's not that hard to get it right, either.
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    Electric bikes discredited

    In my pre-ebike days, I was riding along a country lane in Warwickshire on a commuter bike with a dynamo front hub. I was fitter in those days and able to set a fairly good pace. I was passed, slowly, by a group of mature club riders on expensive bikes and clad in club colours. One of them...