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    Battery chargers

    They all get hot no matter their rating. The disadvantage of the fan cooled ones is if the fan fails, they will fry, because they are designed to run cooler. This thread shows some ideas on mods for better cooling...
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    Snapped derailleur hanger

    The other half of the hanger is behind the axle nut in your 3rd photo. Remove the nut and the allen key bolt and you will be able to match yours to the many for sale on ebay.
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    Bosch Peformance Motor & Nuvinci n360 Transmission

    I think your problem is the Harmony electronic control system for your NuVinci hub, which I beleive is somehow integrated into the Bosch system, so your dealer should be able to help. I seem to remember reading somewhere it has a 4 year warranty on it. You could try contacting NuVinci direct to...
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    AKM-100CST Cassette 36V250W

    Have you removed the speed limit wire on the controller?
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    AKM-100CST Cassette 36V250W

    Looks like you have a 250 rpm motor then. Is it marked 328?
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    Halfords crossfire 2019 and torque sensor

    Parts are OEM and only available from Halfrauds. Some photos on this thread.
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    LCD S866 + Brainpower controller

    Do the wire colours match on the pedal sensor and controller connectors?
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    This review on the crossfuse.

    Can't you borrow his bike and try it yourself?
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    Yosepower hub kits.

    That would suggest you are using the new C5 settings. C5=6 should give you around 18 amps.
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    Yosepower hub kits.

    C5=02 on LCD3 is undefined in the manual I have, so may have no effect on current.
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    Bike great for 6 months now LCD claims no charge on charged battery, motor doesn’t work

    That's interesting, I assumed those controllers came unpotted, no glue stuff, as in the photo. Could you post a photo of your one when you have a chance. Are there any signs of water ingress on your controller?
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    Bottom bracket needed for wisper 905 se 2008

    BB is approx. 90mm and needs a 174mm axle.
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    need chain for wisper 905

    Ah, that was the one part I had no luck finding. :( If your bike is the same, it's got a 90mm BB, so you need a 90 x 174 axle. I used a s/h one from an old scrap bike I was given, which luckily was almost the same. If I had to do it again, I would prob. do a cut'n'shut job, do you know a good...
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    What's happening at 50 Cycles?

    The problem with putting a gun to someones head is you can never be certain they are being sincere or telling you the truth.
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    Yosepower hub kits.

    So, I emailed YosePower to ask them about new Lishui controller/LCD they are supplying with their kits. No info on controller, but they are using C500 LCD.