1. Wayners

    Bike stand half price Amazon

    See 50% off vouchers. £26 Hope this is correct section. PRO BIKE TOOL Vertical Upright Bicycle Floor Stand - Freestanding Indoor Bike Storage Rack for Garage or Apartment - No Drill - Compatible with Tire Widths of up to 2.3" and Wheel Sizes up to 29"
  2. Wayners

    Parking a bike in the rain

    I'm on a course and parked bike up outside building on an industrial estate against some railings. No bike area with a cover unfortunately. Put bin liners over handlebars and saddle held with elastic bands, but when I came out at 4pm the wind had taken them away and my bike was wet. Taking a...
  3. Wayners

    Mountain bike brake pads

    Any recommendations for bike V brake pads. Looking online they all seem similar to me. Only the colour or price varies, so just buy any 70mm pads?
  4. Wayners

    Just opened battery yose power 15.6Ah

    Just had a near miss. I bought a power plug exstension lead which I've been using, but as I plugged it in to charge today, bang! Battery won't charge. I remember reading about a fuse inside battery, so removed screws and found 10amp fuse behind battery switch. Fortunately I have some old car...
  5. Wayners

    Raise my handlebar

    I need to raise the handlebars on my mountain bike. Well I'm thinking up and closer to me. Any advice please... They are as high as possible now. I was thinking of a raised bent set of handlebars? I plan to move the display to the centre as it's to the left side at the moment. That plays on some...
  6. Wayners

    Bike frame lock

    I spotted this bike lock in The Range today. Fix to frame type. I can't decide if it's any good tbh? Can't lock bike to something, although will stop bike being ridden off.
  7. Wayners

    Riding in the rain footwear

    It's been lashing down and my original plan to attach plastic bags over my feet failed. Well it works but not ideal tbh. I've been looking at options and I'm not messing about with expensive overshoes ect. I've decided to wear wellies:D I can drop waterproof trousers over the top. If they rub...
  8. Wayners

    DIY rivnut fitting kit

    I'm not the best presenter in the world! Nor the best video editor..But I thought I'd do a quick video of how I fitted the rivnuts to my bike. Just used a flat bracket from DIY store bent a bit to hold it all together and drilled frame with 7mm bit. A mate worked this out after watching many...
  9. Wayners

    Petrol engine for bicycle

    Omg. Just seen a teenager going racing by on our estate with a petrol engine on a mountain bike. No helmit and no consideration for speed or the noise. Quick Google...
  10. wojtek30

    Help! TranzX Bike weird behaviour, showed error code 1 and dissapeared but now whirring and pulsing, Pedal assist doesnt always engage.

    My Raleigh Forge I have got has now gotten a weird issue where It makes a whirring sound and the engine doesnt always engage. Here is a video of it: The bike worked flawlessly for 50 miles and then I left it for a week and now theres this...
  11. A

    A Key Safe that may help some of you to keep your keys "SAFE"!

    Its the second or third item discussed on the video, but not the first, and what comes up after that I have no idea, YET!! I hope they are also interesting! Regards to all Pedelecers and stay "SAFE"! Andy and...
  12. A

    From "the Lockpicking Lawyer" - Locksmith Says My Videos Are BS... Loses $75

    This demonstrates exactly why 2, at least, Bike locks should be employed!! And why Kryptunite locks are not quite as good as their reputation, but of course, many others are even easier to open or cut!! Remember Guys, two locks and an alarm system, MIGHT save your e-bike!! regards to all Andy
  13. N

    Electric Bike Speed Booster

    Hello Folks just want to hear your opinion. I bought 750 w motor and it s very nice. Silent and powerful. If you have 20 degrees hills it s perfect. If you want on mountain, you better buy 1500 w. Maximum speed it's around 40 km/h. How to increase my speed even more? With this kit I got around...
  14. B

    Conversion kit fitting Bristol

    Hi everyone, I live in Bristol. i've bought a bike and had it converted by a guy nemed Chris i found on Google. Soon i'm going to buy a new bike and would like to move the kit from my current bike on the other one. Unfortunatly this guy is not available anymore. Is there anyone who can help me...
  15. A

    DIY Insanely Bright LED Bike Light With LED Strip Lighting (on a Budget) on Instructables

    For those of you who are "committed" to making your own products (and saving money at the same time!), this instructable may prove interesting, though you may need to modify it with regard to bike lighting laws in your own country, as I am of the opinion that flashing rear and front lights may...
  16. A

    Proteus becomes the world's first manufactured non-cuttable material - New better Bike Locks? Researchers from the UK's Durham University and Germany's Fraunhofer Institute...
  17. Kestrel

    For Sale Kalkhoff pro connect for sale 2013

    Hi 6 yr old Kalkhoff pro connect 27 step-thru frame for sale grey Battery will not charge, may suit someone who has a good battery? Had crank rebuilt and rear cog cassette and speedo replaced Has Sidestand and speedo Comes with charger Bike is in Peterhead Aberdeenshire Scotland One owner...
  18. S

    Insurance for electric bike - looking for a recommendation and advice

    Hi Guys, I am planning to buy electric bike in next few months, but considering that that is a quite an investment for me, I was thinking to insure it but not sure how and where. Please, can you guys share some of yours experience regarding the insurance?..I found one that looks interesting...
  19. B

    Recommend me an e-bike

    Hi, I’m new to the battery cycle world. I’ve had some pedal cycles in the past, But for various reasons I’ve not been on one in roughly 10 years. I live in an area where there are hardly any flat surface roads, Mostly hills of some kind, some not so bad, but generally there are a lot in...