1. A

    DIY Insanely Bright LED Bike Light With LED Strip Lighting (on a Budget) on Instructables

    For those of you who are "committed" to making your own products (and saving money at the same time!), this instructable may prove interesting, though you may need to modify it with regard to bike lighting laws in your own country, as I am of the opinion that flashing rear and front lights may...
  2. L

    selling my stromer st5 hey guys I have decided to sell my stromer ST5 for cheap as I need the money for other things it is unregistered hence why it is cheap if you have any questions please ask them on ebay
  3. A

    For those DIYers amongst us needing a Battery Terminal welder to Re-Cell Bike Batteries. Also in DIY!

    I stumbled over this:- It appears to be somewhat similar (IMHO) to a battery welder a friend onf mine made some years ago, and his is still working! regards Andy
  4. Monkey Tennis

    Help! New to this

    Hi. Im going to build a ebike for the first time, I've read up as much as possible in 24hrs, I've decided on a mid mounted motor but I'm on the world's tightest budget, i just found this and it seems to good to be true, is this crap? It's so cheap, bear in mind i dont need to go fast and far...
  5. J

    For Sale Wisper 905 Torque Long Range No Reserve - £2000 worth of kit

    Hi All, Sorry to be a bit mercenary jumping on the forum as a new member to use the classifieds, but I did all my research here when purchasing my bike a couple of years ago. Up for sales is my Wisper 905 Torque, loved this thing, it got me from a sedentary at 118kg to 102kg! Its been an...
  6. F

    Advice on Cheap Option

    Hello Everyone Maybe you can help me with my latest dilemma. I admit I am bit obsessed with bikes and specs and E-bikes even worse. I love just browsing here and Youtube for every type of bike and option. So sadly due to having Epilepsy I am continually losing my driving license, so cycling is...