1. P

    Help! Giant Lafree lite 2005-7 ish

    Hi all, Recently been given a giant lafree e bike 05 ish been sat for years but a nice project to get through lockdown. Atleast I thought it would be fun I managed to get the bike running really nice it had a blown fuse it the battery, changed that and happy days, for all of 2-3 miles. on...
  2. Rutland Cycling

    Great stock on Giant electric bikes!

    We have some great deals on Giant electric bikes at the moment, and great availability on sizing! If you're looking for an e-bike ahead of the summer, definitely worth checking these out. Plus there's 0% finance available on selected models so it's even easier to spread the cost. Have any...
  3. Bearing Man

    Yamaha, full motor overhaul video

    After starting with the Bosch motors we have just completed a Yamaha PW motor strip and overhaul. And, I have finally sourced the grooved bearings, seals and O-rings, now all available on my site. We are currently working on the Impulse-2, Panasonic and Brose. Much more content will be added...