1. A

    Help! Help i need help with my seat

    So my bike has a bbshd the problem is that my seat doesn't go fully down well it does but I would like to make go down more as I can't reach the floor and feel really uncomfortable when ridding is there anything I can do to the seat tube or seat post ?
  2. S

    Suspension Seatpost for Raleigh Stoweway

    Has anyone had any success with finding a Suspension Seatpost for a Raleigh Stoweway? The stock seatpost is 33.9mm OD. Everything on the market is 27.2mm, 30.9mm or 31.6mm OD. I've looked at shims, but the maximum height of the stock seatpost leaves 260mm of the post in the seat tube so I'm...
  3. Z

    Suntour NCX suspension seatpost

    Short review: Not cheap. Excellent. Buy one. (minimum seat height will be raised by approximately 8cm)
  4. stever1957

    EXA Form 525 Suspension Seatpost Adjustment?

    Hello there. The seatpost is adjustable by use of an allen key at the base. I just don't know what it adjusts. Does anybody know please?