2000w motor, maximum amps allowed?


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Apr 24, 2023
so ive got a 2000w motor and im just wondering whats the maximum power i can run it through?

im currently doing 52v battery with 35a controller so im getting around 1800w if that is correct.

my 72v 8000w motor on my other bike has snapped so to save the time and effort ordering from china and etc i was wondering if i could fit my battery and the controller to my current bike with the 2000w motor

i can limit the controller via bluetooth to say 35a-40a so that the 72v battery gives around 2,500w-2800w.

would this work with motor or would i have to limit it to a lower amp to match the motor?


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May 23, 2015
if you dont limit the amps to the motor 1 it wont make it go any faster and 2 all those amps will turn to heat and demagnetize the core and or destroy the motor windings or both.