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Finding my (electric) wheels
Apr 9, 2019
Hi all, new to e bikes, and I picked up a probike e-voyager.

It has a 36v 10ah battery, unknown hub (no manufacturer details, only a sticker on it stating 36v) and has the Ananda 3615DLC-10Y0 controller, which from the naming is likely a 36v 15A controller.

looking at the controller, I can't see any restrictor wire, and the board is pretty well gummed in its case but I can't see any jumpers of any sort on there either. I did discover 1 stray then white wire, which seems to come from the hub, not sure if that bears any relevance at all... see attached photo's

Any clues on derestricting this one? Or is a replacement controller the way to go? (recommendations? )

My journey is a 3.5 mile each way on barely used cycle paths so it'd be good to get over that 15mph barrier

TIA :)