Do restricted bikes kill expensive groupsets?

Barrio Barranco

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Nov 24, 2018
Ok- here's my observations after 8 months on my KTM with the EX1 drivetrain.... the "block"- is machined out of 1 piece and is ridiculously expensive to replace £300+...this is gears 1-5. gears 6,7,8 can be had for £26 quid and cheap to replace. I only ever get into these 3 gears downhill and curiously they operate well at my usual 90+ cadence at up to about 35km/h... did SRAM design this with the American market - 32km/h or 20mph- in mind? I either have to go into these gears at a higher assist and pedal at a stupidly low cadence to use them- they seem the "expendable" bit of the cassette too?
One other major concern over the treacle wall is when you go through a farm and get chased by mad dogs.... not pleasant when the barrier is passed and the bike is the same weight as the tractor you are trying to pass....
I don't really want to fit a "dongle" but after 8 months I can see some logic in not having a neutered bike.... At least one you can switch between when needed so the battery isn't gubbed all the a nitrous oxide switch for when it's needed.
(I did , within a week of running it in, derestrict my RD125LC in 1985 taking it from a gutless miserable 11bhp to closer to 20bhp....boy was that fun.....then had it "Stan Stephens" stage 2 tuned.....rocket!)


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May 23, 2015

my 2014 400w batt is still going but at about half the range of a new one.

if you do fit a dongle you might want a bigger front sprocket i run 20t and 18t
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