Foot Pain


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Nov 7, 2017
West West Wales
For the past few months, I have been getting plantar fasciitis - pain under my right foot. Forced me not to cycle as each day I pedalled, it got worse.

Happily, some better foot rest, using Voltarol gel, and B12 tablets (1000 micrograms a day), have seen considerable improvements and I am now cycling again. Indeed, pedalling seems to be helping it to get better.

Mentioning this because it seems a very odd combination. There is some evidence that B12 sometimes improves the effectiveness of diclofenac (the active ingredient of Voltarol) but I have been amazed at the changes. (There is some evidence that B12 can act as pain relief agent but the effect is usually thought to be modest. More commonly used in Russia than western Europe.) Voltarol on its own reduced the pain. But adding in the B12 has improved the healing as well as making the Voltarol more efficient - so it seems. I am using less but it is more effective.
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